Star Trek Timelines

Having played the game for over 6 months, it can be quite addictive for Star Trek fans. I’ll enlarge upon this section from time to time, as when I first started, finding tools or guides to work with was mildly confusing! I’ll add some tips and more of an introduction to the game soon.  Also thinking about a Star Trek franchise section, to include updates on Star Trek: Discovery, and the other series of course… The Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine.

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>> You can see some of my Progress at this new Section <<

Some handy guides / resources for the game:

STT Crew Interactive Sortable Workbook

Do Not Airlock: Guide v1.73 (for all Google Docs, create a copy first [file > copy] to work with your own version)  Check for the latest editions here.

Official STT Forum

Star Trek Timelines: Ships

D’Kora Krayton

Level 100 Stats for All Crew

STT Crew Collection Manager, a Java app that is works very smoothly and connects to Wiki therefore updating with additional new crew.

STT Crew Spreadsheet Management Tool Auto updates and connects with your crew in game, works when you are either off and online, another essential tool. More STT tools from this Author.

Lots of STT Guides from the official Forum

Minimum Crew for All Cadet Missions: – Top Gauntlet CrewSTT Voyage Estimator – STT Wiki Voyages & STT Dilemma Overview

Star Trek Timelines Discord Public / Group with handy ‘look up’ bots for various things, including voyages, crew skills, traits and more.

Crew Leveling Difficulty Calculator

Events (Factions)

No boosts If you have no time reduction boosts available then begin the event by opening the maximum number of (really easy) 1min missions before assigning crew. Once all those missions are completed (max 30mins) the next transmissions you open will be 3hr 1500+ EVP. This first approach works well for newer players who are still building up a strong shuttle crew.

With boosts Alternatively, if you have some 0* (10 min) time reductions then instead open and complete 3 * 1min transmissions, then open as many transmissions as you have 0* boosts without assigning crew. Then use your 0* boosts to instant complete all open transmissions. At this point, open another transmission to check the duration you have reached, and critically the strength of your crew for the current difficulty. If your crew will easily complete the current difficulty then start as many transmissions as you have time boosts to instant complete.

Complete the open missions, and repeat with each tier of time boost you have until you have reached the 3hr 1500+ EVP missions. As you progress Once you reach the higher EVP reward missions, it is beneficial to be selective about the shuttles that you send. Open several transmissions, only assigning crew to the ones with the best chances of success, letting the rest expire (for example, skip the missions that have 5 crew slots).

Like me and ‘never heard of it…’? It’s available on Steam, Google Play and Facebook.

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