Star Trek Timelines

Having played the game for over 6 months, it can be quite addictive for Star Trek fans. I’ll enlarge upon this section from time to time, as when I first started, finding tools or guides to work with was mildly confusing! I’ll add some tips and more of an introduction to the game soon.  Also thinking about a Star Trek franchise section, to include updates on Star Trek: Discovery, and the other series of course… The Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine.

Some handy guides / resources for the game:

STT Crew Interactive Sortable Workbook

Do Not Airlock: Guide v1.73 (for all Google Docs, create a copy first [file > copy] to work with your own version)

Official STT Forums (NEW)

Star Trek Timelines: Ships

D’Kora Krayton

Level 100 Stats for All Crew

Lots of STT Guides from the official Forum

Crew Leveling Difficulty Calculator

Minimum Crew for All Cadet Missions: – Top Gauntlet CrewSTT Voyage Estimator – STT Wiki Voyages & STT Dilemma Overview

Star Trek Timelines Discord Public / Group with handy ‘look up’ bots for various things, including voyages, crew skills, traits and more.

Like me and ‘never heard of it…’? It’s available on Steam, Google Play and Facebook.

Related Links:

Star Trek Official

Star Trek Official Facebook

Star Trek at Fandom, Memory Alpha Wikia (search more at link)


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