Star Trek – Discord Bots

Looking for a free Star Trek customized bot for your Discord server? I have 2 self-hosted and customized, Red – Twenty Six bots available upon application, (though, Astro’s invite link is below) as they are private bots run by me: below you can see an example of the brand new search options that ASTRO MΞTRĮӾ connects with Memory Alpha information, which also provides many ‘quick links’ per character and episode or film as well!

Other Information & Features

It’s been a long track and started long before playing a game called ‘Star Trek Timelines’ am a Trek fan from way back, joined discord in 2015 and along came a hobby with bots!

Both bots have wonderful and extensive mod tools, (even captcha’s and screening of new members if needed) auto ‘hidden link’ kick/ban as well – set if needed most can work as a toggle, there are far too many features to add them all here today. The Commands for server owners, are approx 20 pages for Astro and even more for Spock On, and at least half of those for your server members!

Lots of fun and games such as Casino, the RPG: “Adventure”, Heist, Duels, Inspire Me Quotes, Trivia inc Star Trek Trivia, simply far too many to list all available. There has been some interest, so have made this page as an introduction.

“Edit” This feature is yet to be updated to v3 RedBot capability.. since Astro is now upgraded to v3, though it does have a similar connection for Memory Alpha searching.

The ASTRO MΞTRĮӾ bot is now linked to Memory Alpha! Whereby you can search over 5800 Characters with built-in feature links, & now also the Star Trek series, episodes including movies. The feature is easy to work with as the emojis to ‘turn page’ if many results are returned.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

✥S̶P̶O̶C̶K̶ ̶O̶N̶ ✥ v3 Red, will have this feature added at a later time, when all upgrades from developers of Red v3 have finalized.

Example of Sarek (one of the Characters with a lot of info – most are a bit smaller.)
  • The bots are Public, for a time.. click the image below for ASTRO MΞTRĮӾ.
  • As this is a trial stage of adding the bot, please be aware, it will auto leave non-active servers and servers with -100 members.
  • Contact me for ✥S̶P̶O̶C̶K̶ ̶O̶N̶ ✥
  • Join the Discord Support Server for help with integrating the bot and to get the most of it’s features.
  • Donations are also not a requirement ~ only much appreciated if it happens! To help run them 24/7
  • These bots are intended for fun, personal and non-profit use only

You can also contact me for more information on having them added.

astro-metrix, a star trek discord bot

Click to Add ASTRO MΞTRĮӾ now!

ASTRO MΞTRĮӾ is now a Red v3.

spock-on bot

✥S̶P̶O̶C̶K̶ ̶O̶N̶ ✥ is a Red – Twenty Six v3 Bot

The bots, (7 in all) are self-hosted by me, on an extremely reliable vps/vm instance for 24/7 uptime 🙂

There is an ‘opt-in’ choice for Bot updating information notifications – directly to a private channel of your choice (or dm) also a support server if needed, to ‘come and go’ as a guest is fine.

Welcome to the Space Bot party!

  • Donations are also not a requirement ~ only much appreciated if it happens! To help run them 24/7
  • These bots are intended for fun, personal and non-profit use only
paypal donation

For Paypal Donations or Art Commissions

Star TrekStar Trek: The Animated SeriesStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Deep Space NineStar Trek: VoyagerStar Trek: Enterprise, and Star Trek: Discovery are all registered trademarks of CBS Corporation. Am in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by CBS.

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