Star Trek Timelines

Notes and images on my progress in the game: this is a very new section & it’s still under development, it will grow to be a lot more in-depth at some point.

Have picked up some awesome packs lately!

It’s a bit of juggling without enough crew spots, so grab them when db have specials on, have recently upgraded to 200 Crew spots. Have also had 4 shuttles for a long while. On another note, I picked Cmdr T’Pol as an Avatar mainly because she’s one of the few Vulcan female characters also, Jolene Blalock played the part very well.

Copy of Progress for WP STT

Building and Upgrading Ships

Fusing Tuvix                                      Fusing the Duras Sisters

Joelene Blalock as T'Pol


With the Discovery series, came The Shenzhou


Stay tuned for more updates!

Latest FF FE 3 Jan 2018 59 60 61 62


tpol - Jolene Blalock Quote


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