Shift of the Ages

The Great “Turn-Around” of Cosmic Cycles

  In 2012, we were at the beginning of a 13,000-year cycle as our solar system
crosses the Photon Belt of Galactic Equator, initiating the Age of Aquarius.
This ‘Great Crossing’ has been known anciently in mystery schools worldwide
to be a time of great transformation – the ‘Big Shift’ in global consciousness.

See the amazing 3-D animation of the 25,920-year precession-of-equinoxes with this
2 min. YouTube video

in order to better understand the following historical diagram.


Heaven knows that we are all subject to the larger scheme of cosmic cycles governing the 25,920-year “precession-of-equinoxes” — an astronomical period in which our solar system cycles through our galaxy.  The “Great Purification” at the cusp of Aquarius, as was known to ancient Hopi and Mayan calendar systems, is now matriculating the matrix of reality like clockwork – cosmic clockwork.

There is an ebb and flow to larger cosmic cycles just as there is an ebb and flow to the seasons. As our planetary platform for the evolution of souls cycles into the Age of Aquarius on the 2012 timeline, we are now witnessing the culmination of momentums in the collective consciousness of humanity that were cultured not just by the Age of Pisces, but also, the larger cycle back 13,000 years to the time of the civilization of Atlantis before “The Flood” and “The Fall” below the line in the chart above.

“Fear not for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom of Heaven.”
~ Luke 12:32

The Great Cycle of the “precession-of-equinoxes” can be plotted along a time-line. Any type of cycle can be diagrammed on a sine-wave curve in which half is negative and half positive, just as one daily cycle goes from darkest night to brightest daytime. Negative energy produces a finite, material kingdom called “World.” Positive energy produces a more spiritual reality on this planet, called kingdom of God, or “Heaven.”  The negative half-cycle (below the line) is a period of negative energy, during which time and space constructs are linear and finite, which means that our perception tend to be dominated to a greater extent by an “outer sense” of space and time as “reality” (the justice that “just is”), rather than the “inner sense” (innocence) of the infinite and eternal spirit that matters in nonlinear “spherical” terms of atonement with full-spectrum conscience in the here and now.


by Christos Lightweaver ~ Read The Full Article

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