Chinese Year of the Wood Horse 2014


2014 Chinese New Year Day will arrive on January 31, 2014. Chinese Year of Horse begins on February 4, 2014 according to Chinese Astrology Calendar. 2014 is the Year of Wooden Horse.  Wood is related to tree or green. Therefore, 2014 is also called Year of Green Horse.

Chinese Astrology is a prediction theory using Yin-Yang Five Elements. The astrological birth chart built by Chinese Astrology Calendar is a combination chart of Yin-Yang Five Elements and 12 animals. Five Elements are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. Twelve animal are Rat, Cow, Tiger, Dragon, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig. All animal signs can be converted into Five Elements, Therefore, every birth chart has its own Five Element weights. Chinese Astrology use Yin Yang balance theory to predict people’s fortune.

2014 Year of the horse

The Chinese astrology symbol for 2014 Green Horse Year is WoodHorseMale woodHorse. Before predicting your 2014 fortune regarding to your money, career, marriage or health, you have to know what Type of Element you are and what your Lucky Element is. The Lucky Element is the major factor to determine people’s good fortune. Basically, if 2014 of Green Horse contains your Lucky Element, then 2014 will be your good year. 2014 is Green Wood Horse year. Horse is in Fire group. Therefore, if your Lucky Element is Wood or Fire, then you will do well in 2014.

To know your birth chart, Five Element scores and your Lucky Element is from the Chinese Astrology Lucky Element page using your date of birth and time of birth.

2014 Year of  the Horse

beautiful black horse

Horse is one of Chinese favorite animals. Horse provides people quick transportation before automobiles, so people can quickly reach their destinations. Horse even can help people to win the battle. Therefore Horse is a symbol of traveling, competition and victory. That’s why Horse is connected to speedy success in China.

Horses like to compete with others. They pursuit for their freedom, passion and leadership. That implies that people will have busy schedule for their goals in the year of Horse. Horse hour of Chinese Horoscopes is from 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. Sunshine generates lots of heat during the Horse hour. Therefore, horse is connected to heat, fire and red. Horses like the social activities, because horses like show off themselves. Since horse is a social animal and red is also connected to love, therefore. horse is treated as a Romantic Star in Chinese Horoscope.

Dragon and Horse are auspicious symbols to Chinese. Chinese said that the best flyer is the sky is Dragon and the best runner on the ground is Horse. Dragon and Horse are the symbols of high-rank, outstanding, noble and leadership. Chinese history book said Horse has 30 percent of Dragon personality. More than 8-foot tall Horse is called Dragon-Horse. There was a Dragon-Horse jumped out of the Yellow River almost 5000 years ago. Fu Xi saw that Dragon-Horse had a diagram on its horseback, which inspired him to invent the I-Ching Pre-Heaven Pa- Kua. Chinese civilization began to take off since that. Chinese sometimes encourage people using the Spirit of the Dragon-Horse. Dragon-Horse Spirit doesn’t mean only a person with full energy as the Dragon-Horse, but also, a person pushing himself to transcend his potential to hold the leadership.

Every Chinese dynasty, Chinese look for sturdy and beautiful stallions. The stallion must be tall and be able to outrun other horses. If the stallion can run one-thousand–Chinese-mile (about 312 miles) a day, then it called one-thousand–Chinese-mile Horse, which means winged steed. One-thousand–Chinese-mile Horses can help the emperors to conquer the nation. Also, a winged steed can save the master’s life by running away swiftly, if the master cannot fight with the enemy.  Today, when a person is called one-thousand–Chinese-mile Horse, that means the person is a hard-to-find, outstanding, experienced elite and knows how to run the business.

One of famous one-thousand–Chinese-mile Horses in China is called Sweat-Blood Horse. They said the sweat of Sweat-Blood Horse is red, when it runs in high speed for a while. According to the study, Sweat-Blood Horse was a Turkmenistan horse breed. Chinese emperor sent more than 50 thousand soldiers to Turkmenistan to bring back a thousand of Sweat-Blood Horses. But only half of horses arrived China alive.

Genghis Khan built the Mongol Empire by horses. The Mongol Horses were a smaller breed, they were bred for endurance, not for speed like stallions. Genghis Khan conquered Eastern Europe so quickly. Because Eastern European countries never realize Mongol cavalry can arrive their territories so fast and they didn’t have enough time to prepare the defense. They said each Mongol cavalryman had three or four horses. They will change another horse when one got tired. So Mongolian horses can take turn and get some rest. Mongol cavalryman even knew how to sleep in the saddle. That’s why they can travel long distances without stopping. We know horses can sleep while standing. Mongolian horses have a better sleeping skill. When they ran in a group, the horse in the center can sleep while running.

Horse is intelligent animal. Horses need to be trained to become useful to humans. Humans can make Horse famous. Without human’s guide, Horse just a wild animal. It doesn’t know where to go. There is no destination in its life.

Your Lucky Element:

The following is the example of the Chinese Astrology Birth Chart.

Chinese Horosocpe Birth Chart

The Birth Chart of June 15, 2008
Upper Row of Day Column (Day Master) represents the Person

Chinese Astrology Five Elements

Fire represents the person. This Birth Chart shows Fire-Type Person

This person was born on June 15, 2008 or June 30, 1948. The symbol of the upper row of the Day Column (a.k.a. Day Master) represents the person. So we can sayDay Master is Male Fire, which represents the person. The birth chart has too little Metal and needs more Metal to balance the Five Elements. Therefore, the Lucky Element is Metal.

2014 is Male Wooden Horse year. Horse contains mainly Fire. Therefore, 2014 is Wood on the Fire. Wood can help Fire to burn hotter, higher and longer. This birth chart already has too much Fire. The strong Fire of 2014 makes this birth chart even more imbalanced. It’s not a good sign. The extremely stronger Fire lets this short-tempered person become even more hot-tempered. The irritating personality will bring very poor and hostile relationships with friends and siblings. Furthermore, the bad investment, money loss and  financial problems will come after.

Horse mainly contains Fire. Therefore, the Wood and Fire are the key factors to determine people’s fortune in 2014.

Wood can help Fire to burn. So Fire of 2014 is quite strong. Fire could melt the Metal. Metal is afraid of Fire. If your Lucky Element is Metal, then you might encounter some unexpected troubles and you need to handle alone without help in 2014. Fire and Water are opposite elements, If your Lucky Element is Water, then your luck won’t be better than 2013, Water Snake year. If your Lucky Element is Fire, then the fortune is coming toward you. You need to prepare for it and don’t miss the golden opportunity in the Green Horse year.

Horse is a speedy animal. When something good or bad happens, it will come very quickly. It’s same to the love relationship. Horse is a Romantic Star to many people. If you are single, you can increase your social activities. Horse will keep you busy and help you to find a great friendship. If you are in love, then it’s good time to build deeper relationship.

Spring is the season of Wood. If your Lucky Element is Wood, then you will do well in the beginning of the Horse Year. Wood will help Fire to bring up the heat. Summer is the season of Fire. If Fire is your Lucky Element. summer will be your best months of the year. You can ride on the horseback and head for your goal. You will see you destination and enjoy your result in the fall. If your Lucky Element is Metal, then we have to wait for the heat of Fire cooling down to see your luck, If Lucky Element is Water, then you have to wait till the Winter time when the temperature turns cold.

The following table shows people’s luck in 2014 based on their Luck Element.

 When Metal is your Lucky Element, then 2014 is not a good year to you.

Horse of 2014 contains mainly Fire. Metal is afraid of Fire. Metal and Wood of 2014 are opposite elements; they have fighting relationship. Luckily, Horse contains Female Earth, which has attraction relationship with Wood of 2014 into Earth. Earth is the mother element of Metal. Metal shouldn’t be hurt by Fire too bad. But the fortune of 2014 is quite little. If Water is found in the birth chart or Major Cycle, then that can cool down the Fire and help Metal to survive. If Dragon or Cow is found in the birth chart or Major Cycle, then Metal will have the protection when Fire attacks. In this case, 2014 should be fine. If Metal is weak and hurt by Fire of 2014, then you need to pay attention on your respiratory system, because Metal is connected to lungs.

 If Water is your Lucky Element, then 2014 is not a good year to you.

Horse of 2014 contains Fire and Earth. Although, Water is not afraid of Fire. But Earth of Horse can protect Fire from attacking by Water. Also, Wood of 2014 makes Fire stronger. That means Water cannot win over the Fire of 2014. Water should be too weak to help the birth chart ,therefore the fortune of 2014 is limited. If Water is extremely weak in the birth chart, then we might have to pay attention on your kidneys, the urinary system.

 When Wood is your Lucky Element, then 2014 is a good year to you.

2014 is a Wooden Fire Horse year. Fire is the child element of Wood. Mother Wood always helps child Fire to burn stronger. Wood does the giving without taking. Eventually, Wood will burn into dust. That implies 2014 will bring some kind of opportunities first, then those opportunities will disappear. Therefore, when we get help or advice from people, we need to learn from them as much as possible. We need to prepare to do job by ourselves when the helpers are not available. If there is no Fire or little Fire in the birth chart, Fire of 2014 will become very helpful. This is because Wood (Tree) need water, earth and sunshine to grow taller and stronger. When lucky element Wood gains support from Fire, then stronger Wood will bring your better luck in 2014.

 When Fire is your Lucky Element, then your luck in 2014 is excellent.

Horse is the strong animal containing Fire. Wood is the mother element of Fire. Wood can help Fire to burn longer. Wood also can protect Fire from extinguishing by Water. Wood and Fire together form a perfect combination for Fire. The fortune of 2014 will come very soon and last for at least one year long. Although, Fire is the lucky element, you still need to keep your mind on your heart, cardiovascular system during strong Fire Year.

 When Earth is your Lucky Element, then your luck in 2014 is very good.

2014 is Male Wood Horse Year. Horse contains Female File and Female Earth. Fire is the mother element of Earth. Earth is afraid of Wood. But Male Wood of 2014 and the Female Earth inside Horse have attraction relationship into Earth. That implies Horse can turn Earth’s enemy into its friend. 2014 might bring a little trouble at the beginning, but it will end up a good result. Just be patience, something will be changing different and better right after spring.

The following table informs people’s what event may occur in 2014 based on their Day Master Element Type.
Day Master is the upper row symbol in the Day Column of the Birth Chart.

 When Metal is your Day Master…

Wood of 2014 represents money or wealth to Metal. Therefore the money event will appear in 2014. If you have strong Metal in your birth chart, then you will have better money luck will be better. This is because you had known how to mange the money in the past. You should have a chance to increase your income, investments or wealth. But if you have a weak Metal in the birth chart, then you will feel short of money soon or later.

Snake of 2013 contains Fire. Horse of 2014 also contains Fire. Metal is afraid of Fire, which represents pressure, job, boss, teacher, career, trouble or law to Metal. Basically, your career luck will be same to 2013. If you were doing well in your career in 2013, then your career luck will continue and you might have better career promotion opportunity to expand your power and working responsibilities during 2014. If you have trouble in your career in 2013, then the job pressure will be still there in 2014. You might have much more workload and tighter schedule for your tasks.

2014 Wooden Horse contains Wood and Fire. Wood is money and Fire is career. If you are own your business and have strong Metal in the birth chart, then your business will grow more than your expectation and company’s profit will increase much more than previous year. If you work for someone with strong Metal, then you should have a job promotion or people will pay you more for your work. Money and career will arrive in the same pace.

But if you have weak Metal and Metal cannot fight against Wood and Fire, then money and job will bring you big trouble. If you are a business person, then you might have money loss in your business or you will pay penalty for your mistake in business. If you are an employee in an organization, you cannot be greedy on money. You have better not to receive illegal money. Otherwise, money will bring you bad reputation, even a lawsuit.

If you are a man, then Wood of 2014 is connected to women, girlfriend or wife. If you are single, then you should have chances to meet some women in the social networks. If you are married, then you will spend more time in activities with your spouse. If you are a woman, then Fire of 2014 connects to your boyfriend, husband or love opportunity. Therefore, a single woman should increase their social activities to meet more opposite sex. A married woman will spend time with her husband or her own career.

 When Water is your Day Master…

Wood of 2014 represents your outlook, performance, speech, behavior, freedom or expression. That means 2014 is the time to show your talent to people. Your social life makes you a little bit busier. If you become popular, the people will know you better. Therefore, Wood relates to your fame or reputation. If people like your manner, then you should earn a good reputation from them. If people don’t like your way, then people will give you negative reputation.

Fire of 2014 Horse represents your money, wealth, luxury life and financial status. The Fire Horse of 2014 is the continuation from Fire Snake of 2013. If you have good money luck in 2013, then the money luck will keep coming toward you. If you suffer the pain of money in 2013, then the money pressure will be there waiting for you to resolve.

Horse of 2014 also contains Earth, which presents the career, pressure or law. If you have strong Water in your birth chart, then both of your money and career luck will be great in 2014. If you Water is too weak in the birth chart and cannot accept the challenge from money and career pressure, then bad health might come after. If people cannot properly manage money, then there is a chance to encounter a lawsuit because of money,

Water people will face the challenge from reputation, money and career in 2014. It’s hard to win them all. But if they have good planning with confidence inside themselves, then it’s not difficult to earn money with reputation or money with career in the Wooden Horse Year.

Horse contains Fire, which is connected to girlfriend or wife to a man. Horse contains Earth, which is connected to boyfriend or husband to a woman. Therefore, Horse brings love opportunity and relationship for Water people. If you are single, you should attend more social activities. You should have chances to build good friendship. If you are in love, then you will spend more time with your love in 2014.

 When Wood is your Day Master…

Wood of 2014 represents your friends, siblings, or same generation relatives. You will spend some of your time with them in 2014. If your Wood is weak in the birth chart, then 2014 will be good year to you because your friends or relatives will be around to help you whenever you need. They will  provide good advice, which will make your job easier and bring your money investment luckier.

If your Wood is strong in the birth chart, then your relatives or friends will bring money trouble to you. It’s not a smart move to have risky investment with them or provide them a short-term loan. However, we sometimes have to spend money to help someone we love for their health, education, business, career or special events. And this might happen in 2014

Fire of 2014 Horse represents your speech, behavior, outlook, expression or talent. It’s time to make yourself becoming popular. If your performance is good, then you will hear lots of compliments from people. You will enjoy the social activities a lot with your friends. If people don’t your words and acts, then you will get a bad reputation from them. The social life will make you tired.

Earth of 2014 Horse is connected to your money, finance or wealth. If you earn a good reputation from people, then you will earn more income via that reputation. If your reputation is bad out there, then you will have difficulty to bring in money into your pocket.

Wood people will spend most of time to deal with friends, reputation and money in 2014. If you have good people relationship, then that friendship will help you to bring in great money and decent wealth all the way. But if you social connection is poor, then you don’t have to expect good luck in money.

Earth of 2014 is also connected to girlfriend or wife to a man. If you are male, then your love opportunity or love relationship will be better than a female. Usually, a man has a good love relationship, when he has good income during that moment.

 When Fire is your Day Master…

Wood of 2014 represents your parents, mentors, elders, protection, knowledge, education or medicine. Therefore, you will often contact your parents or persons who care you. Or you will spend more time in learning knowledge. Or you will pay attention on your health. Or you are planning to buy a valuable property. Or you feel lots of support in your career path. All these are the sign of Wood to Fire people in 2014.

Fire of 2014 Horse represents your siblings, relatives or same generation friends. Since you will spend most of your time with them, your social activities will increase. When similar age people meet together, either they spend money together, or they group as a team to earn money. If your Fire is strong in the birth chart, then you usually act as a group leader. Most of time, a team leader will do more giving than taking. From fortune telling angle, a team leader will take less money into his pocket. If your Fire is weak in the birth chart, then you will get more support, advice, benefit from your group. Your money luck will be better than the group leader.

Earth of 2014 Horse represents your outlook, performance, expression or behavior showing to people. Fire of Horse brings many of your relatives and friends to you. Earth of Horse gives you opportunity to perform and show off. If your birth chart already contains lots of Earth, then people around you will criticize you talking too much. If your birth chart only has little Earth, people will listen when you talk and send you compliment. Either way, you will feel relaxing, freedom and joyful.

2014 brings you the love from family, elders, friends and youths. You will deal and contact with more people, since the increasing of social life. Sometimes, you need to be patience with people, strong Fire of 2014 might bring you short-tempered, which will bring you bad reputation. If you have blood or heart disease, then you need to check out your cardiovascular system before summer.

 When Earth is your Day Master…

Wood of 2014 represents your job, career, boss, police or law. Your behaviors or activities will encounter some restrictions. Or your work at company will bring you pressure. Or you might be losing courage when facing a big challenge. If you are a female, then 2014 also is a year for love relationship because Wood is connected to boyfriend or husband.

Fire in 2014 Horse represents your parents, elders, education, knowledge, or health. Therefore, you will spend some time to contact your parents, elders. You might focus on education to expand your knowledge and skills. You also might watch your health often. Fire is the mother element of Earth. 2014 will bring more support, safety, protection and stronger determination.

Earth in 2014 presents your siblings, friends or same generation relatives. Therefore, 2014 will be busy year for you to hang around your old and new friends. That’s a sign of money opportunity. Friends might advise and inform you of the location of treasure. So you know where to get it. But it might be the other around, your friends want to share your treasure, then you need to donate some to them. This might happen, if you have strong Earth in your birth. In short, if Earth is your lucky element, then it brings you extra income. If Earth is an unlucky element, then money loss is possible.

2014 contains Wood, Fire and Earth, which are related to career, support and confidence. If you have trouble on the career before, then 2014 is a very good year for your career development. You have good job opportunity in 2014, people around like to support you and you have more confidence to take the challenge position. This is a sign of success in career.

Year of the Horse chinese symbol


Rat years: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008.

Horse doesn’t like Rat at all. They said Horse will die when it eats the feces of Rat. Therefore, Rat people’s fortune won’t be too good in 2014 Horse year. According to Chinese Horoscopes Five-Element theory, Rat is in Water group and Horse is in Fire group. Fire is afraid of Water. But horse contains strongest Fire among 12 animals. Fire of Horse and Water of Rat will fight badly together. That’s a sign of quarrel and dispute.

2013 of Snake year is the first year of Fire cycle. 2014 of Horse year is the second year of Fire Cycle. If you do well in 2013, then you will continue to do well in 2014. If 2013 did bring you bad luck, then you have to watch out in 2014 and prepare to face coming troubles. Fire is related to money to Rat. The major activity in 2014 must be something to do with money and friends.

Rat contains Water. Horse contains Fire and Earth. Earth can make Water disappear and bring pressure on Rat. To fight with Fire and Earth, Rat Water will be exhausted in 2014. Therefore, Rat people will feel not enough energy in 2014.

Career: Rat people’s career in 2014 won’t be good. The main reason is Horse and Rat have hostile and fighting relationship. That is the sign of disagreement or argument. That means the career path is not smooth and stable. Horse can run fast, which is a sign of movement and traveling. So you will have busy schedule for your job assignments. You might have to work extra hours or have to work out of town. A relocation for a new job assignment is possible. Chancing a new position or new company is also possible. All these are good signs. If you don’t accept the challenge, you will lose the opportunity during the competition.

If you complain lots of pressure on your position, then you won’t be happy in the office. Either you change a new boss or new company, the new position will still keep you busy. Your people relationship is poor in the Horse year. You had better be patient and not have any conflicts with people. Otherwise, you will face more obstacles in your career development. Keeping a low profile is the key to have a peaceful career in 2014.

Money: Your money luck is fair in 2014. Horse contain Fire. Rat is Water. Fire is connected to money to Rat people. Therefore money related activities will increase. Rat people will see many money opportunities, but they have to fight to own it. If you win, then Horse brings you good income. If you lose, then Horse brings a money loss. Since there is an Exhausted Star to Rat people in 2014. This tells us that money pressure makes you tired and you might feel short of money in the year of Horse.

Rat people need lots of wisdom to manage their financial investment in the Horse year. They must be alert and take more considerations before taking investment decisions. If you need to look for the investment partners or financial advisors, you can find the people born in year of Dragon or Monkey. They can help you to fight with the pressure from Horse and protect your wealth. As long as you are not greedy, you will have stable income.

Love: The Love relationship for Rat people in 2014 is poor. Rat is in Water Group and Horse is in Fire Group. Therefore, Rat and Horse cannot get along too well. Pig people shouldn’t expect a good result in love relationship. However, if you are a male, then Horse is connected to a female to you. So male Rat people have better chances to meet the opposite sex in 2014. You still can succeed in looking for love, if you can avoid conflict and quarrel with friends around.

If you are single and looking for love, then the first step is to spend more time and money for social activities. You might know or meet someone you like far away from your house. You might need to drive a little bit further to meet him or her. Or you might find someone special from Internet social network. If you are lucky, then love will keep you busy. If you are already in love, then can spend more time to maintain your relationship. If you are married, then you can plan for your vacation on traveling to enjoy your love relationship. Year of Horse is easier to bring up argument or dispute to Rat people. As long as Rat people can control their temper, the love relationship will be fine.

Health: Rat people might need to consume lots of brain power and energy for their income in 2014. Since Horse year will be a busy year, you have to learn how to manage your schedule and reserve time for enough rest and relax after work. If you ruin your health, then you might lose your opportunity on your career and wealth. If you have health issue on kidney, bladder or cardiovascular system in 2013, then you need to continue monitor the condition to prevent it becoming a bigger problem in 2014.

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Ox years: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009.

Ox is an animal that lives in the farm. Horse is treated better than Ox by human. People always prepare a big running ground for Horses. Oxen do more hardship farming job than Horses. Ox may be jealous of Horse. The relationship between Ox and Horse is not too good.

In Chinese horoscope, Ox is in Earth group and Horse is in Fire group. Fire is the mother element of Earth, since Fire can burn things into Earth. Fire is related to parents, education and protection to Ox. So actually Horse cares about Ox. Since Ox people will receive benefits from parents, they will care about their family members, too.

In Chinese Five Element theory, Ox contains Earth with some Water. So Ox is connected to a moist soil or organic farmland. Fire of Horse is connected to sunshine. Without growing vegetable or plant, the land is wasted. 2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Wood is connected to tree or plant. Therefore, Ox people can expect a good harvest in 2014.

Career: 2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Wood of 2014 is the Career Star to Ox. Ox people will focus on their energy on career in 2014. Career Wood will bring opportunity and pressure on Ox. Horse to Ox is the Parent Star. Horse will help Ox to handle the pressure. That means someone will help Ox people when the problem appears. Therefore, Ox people’s career luck should be much better than the previous year.

Snake of 2013 is also a Fire year. Basically, the career luck will carry over from 2013. If you did well in 2013, Then 2014 will bring you even better career opportunity. However, there is an issue when Horse comes too close Ox.  Horse contains Fire and Earth, which is related to your boss, partners or competitors. Since Ox people are hardworking animal with tiny complaint, your boss or partners might give you extra works or responsibilities to make you extremely busy. If your tasks are overloaded, then your productivity falls and your reputation will be damaged.

Money: Water is connected to money to Ox people. There is no Water in the Wooden Horse year. Therefore, money luck to Ox is fair in 2014.  Ox people should look for stable income from the salary job. Any short-term risky investment is not recommended. To invest money on real estates or house improvement is a better approach. Basically, money management should use the same method as Snake year. If you have money loss last year, you must be too greedy and didn’t read our advice in 2013.

Love: Horse is the Romantic Star to Ox. That implies that Ox people have good people relationship and have better opportunity to meet the opposite sex in 2014. But since the mutual hurting relationship of Ox and Horse, The love relationship to Ox people in 2014 is hard to end up a good result. If you look for a love, then it’s difficult to find someone who wants to commit a long-term relationship with you. If you are married or in love, then you have to pay attention on the feeling inside your lover. The love relationship to Ox people is full of suspicion, distrust, critic, complaint and damages. You need to learn how to tolerate, accept, understand, considerate and forgive the one you love. This is the simple way to avoid to bruise each other.

By the way, green Ox and white Horse are a bad combination for love relationship. Those people will constantly argue on many subjects. They can make up, but won’t last too long.

Health: Horse is the Parent Star to Ox. Ox people should know how to take care their health. Horse is a Travel Star and it might hurt Ox. Therefore, Ox people should watch out their safety while traveling. Fire is also related to medical care to Ox. When driving, you should focus on the road to avoid any accident.

Ox people should do the regular exercise and take enough time to rest and relax as last year. Ox people should pay attention on the digestion system, which are intestines and stomach.

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Tiger years: 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998.

Tiger is a carnivorous animal. But Horse can share a land with Tiger. Maybe Horse can outrun the Tiger. In Chinese Five Element theory, Horse contains mainly Fire. Tiger contains mainly Wood. Wood helps Fire to burn. Wood is the mother Element of Fire. Mother and Child elements won’t fight each other. Therefore, Tiger and Horse can get along together.

According to Chinese horoscopes, Tiger and Horse have attraction relationship because of Fire. That is the main reason that Tiger and Horse can get along well together. This is good sign for Tiger people. But there is unlucky Ghost Star appearing in 2014. Therefore, the fortune of Tiger people is mixing good and bad in 2104. While everything goes smoothly, Tiger people still need to pay attention on any ghost behind them. It’s possible that a villain plans to pull your legs because of jealousy. In short, Tiger people shouldn’t get dizzy with success. Otherwise, good luck might become a misfortune.

Career: Tiger contains Wood, which is related to tree. Horse contains Fire. Fire is sunshine and energy, which helps tree growing taller. With the help from Horse, Tiger will improve its working ability and expand its responsibilities. 2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Wood of 2014 will let Tiger becoming even stronger. That is a sign of leadership. People around will support you. It’s a good time to express your creativity to people. A Salary Star is also appearing in 2014. That is the sign of extra income. Also, this implies the opportunity of promotion.

Fire of Horse is the Child Element to Wood of Tiger. Parents always spend energy on their children. Horse is also a Travel Star. Therefore, Horse will make Tiger busy and tired. If your job’s workload increases in 2014, then that is normal and that is the opportunity to show your capability to people. And you should be able to overcome the challenge in the Wooden Horse year.

Money: The Salary Star comes Cow people in Wooden Horse year. Firstly, you must hold a job. Then, you will have a decent and stable income. This money luck is not from windfall, gambling or risky investment. You need to spend some energy, strength and sweat to get it.

Horse contains Fire and some Earth. Earth is connected to money to Tiger people. So Tiger enters the land of money opportunity in 2014. Since your people relationship is good, people will invite you for financial investment. If you are involved the investment, then you shouldn’t count on your money luck to wait for your return. you still need to monitor the investment carefully to make sure your investment safe. This is because that the Ghost Star is wandering around and looking for chances to take advantage over Tiger people. In general, as long as you focus on your career, then you don’t have to worry about the money income.

Love: The love relationship for Tiger people in the year of Horse is pretty good. Tiger people’s people relationship in 2013 is poor. If you still have the connection, then it’s about time to try for a closer relationship. Tiger, Horse and Dog are very good combination for love relationship. If you are looking for love, then try on people born in year of Horse or year of Dog. It’s easier to start up the relationship with them.

If your love relationship is unstable now, then you have to watch anyone sowing discord between you and your lover. You need to build your relationship constantly and not let the emotion of love cool down. Otherwise, your rival in love will win the competition.

Health: Tiger people will be full of energy in the year of Wooden Horse year. And Tiger people will have a good mood, because of their good people relationship. Your outdoor activities will increase. You might spend more time in travel. So you just need to watch the safety on the road. It’s easy to get hurt on your arms or legs in 2014. Before you do exercise, you must do enough warm up to avoid injury. If you have trouble regarding to cardiovascular and digestion systems for a while, then it’s time to visit your doctor to check it up.

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Rabbit years: 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999.

Rabbit is a shy, alert and resourceful animal. It can run very quickly. But Horse can run even faster. Horse can inspire Rabbit’s potential, creativity and courage. In Chinese Five Elements theory, Rabbit is in the Wood group. Wood is related to tree. Horse contains Fire, Fire is related to Sun. Tree always need the energy from Sun to grow taller. Therefore, When Rabbit meets Horse, Rabbit receives lots of benefits from Horse. 2014 must be a good year to Rabbit people.

There are Happiness StarRomantic StarSun Star and Blessing Star appearing in year of Wooden Horse. Rabbit people will do well in their career development. They will have good people relationship with their friends and good love relationship with their families. A surprising, joyful and happy event will happen in 2014.

Career: 2014 is Wooden Horse Year. Wood of 2014 brings Rabbit friends, supports and courage. Horse contains Fire and Earth. Earth represents money to Rabbit. Therefore, Horse brings Rabbit talent and money. The conclusion is Rabbit people can handle any challenges of career and earn a good income from their jobs in 2014.

Rabbit people are kind, clam, poised with outstanding talent. They will have many idea out of their mind for their jobs. They also have endless energy to implement their tasks. They have good people relationship in their working environment. Their communication skill will be improved significantly. All these factors will help Rabbit people working easy in the office. But they don’t have too much chance for a job promotion, since the Career Star doesn’t appear in 2014. But their pay will increase, because the Money Star is hidden in the Horse.

When Rabbit learns how to run faster from Horse, Rabbit might become proud, then arrogant. This will impact the career development. Be nice to people and stay away the political competition are very important for your future career path.

Money: The money luck is great to Rabbit people in 2014. Rabbit people will use more their talent, appearance, reputation and presentation to earn money. Either you work for someone or own your business, you must use their brain and wisdom to pursuit extra income. This kind of opportunity in 2014 won’t happen every year. If you are too lazy, then you still have a good financial year, but you won’t have extra saving.

Rabbit people will spend more their time on social activities in the Horse year. Your social expense will increase. If you have personal money transitions with friends, that’s not a good idea. If a friend invites you a risky adventure for a quick return, then that’s not a good idea, either. There is a sign of money loss related to friends in 2014. Your income must earn using your energy or brain. Your money luck is good in 2014, but you still need to watch the risk.

Love: Both Romantic Star and Happiness Star are coming in the year of Horse. The love relationship to Rabbit people is super.  Rabbit people don’t have too much love opportunity last year, because there was a Lonely Star in 2013. 2014 is totally different. If you are looking for love, then it’s time to go out to join social activities. Your appearance and expression will impress people and people will pay more attention on you. The friendship will build from there.

If you are in love, then it’s time to build deeper relationship. The engagement or marriage opportunity is possible. But don’t push yourself too hard. To respect your lover’s feeling and opinion is very critical. If you are marred and plan for a baby, then 2014 is a good year to welcome the new born. This is because that the animal of Rabbit can reproduce its next generation very fast.

Health: Just like in 2013, Rabbit people need to use lots of brain power for their career and people relationship. Since the busy schedule, Rabbit people should learn better time management for your task and the social events. To maintain a good health is required enough rest and relaxation. There is a hurting sign in 2014. Rabbit people might have to travel more than last year. You should focus the driving safety while on the road.

2014 is a Wooden Horse year, which is a strong Fire year. It’s possible that Rabbit people have too much Fire or too less Water in 2014. Too much Fire will cause problem in cardiovascular system. Too little Water will cause problem in urinary system.

More Rabbit Zodiac: Personality and Compatibility

Dragon years: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000.

Chinese Dragon is an animal in the sky. Horse is an animal on the ground. They are in the separate world. They don’t have too much in common. Both of them like to complete to be a leader. They don’t have direct conflict. But it’s hard for them to become close friends.

Year of Horse brings in more Unlucky Stars than Lucky Stars to Dragon people. When people are lucky, they can find someone’s help when they are in trouble. Dragon people are not that lucky in the Horse year. Dragon people will face different problems in 2014. But their close friends are not around. Dragon people need to deal with the trouble by themselves. Year of Horse will be a challenge year for Dragon people.

Note: This view is from Traditional Chinese Horoscopes. Chinese Five Element Astrology might give you different opinion, which determines peoples

luck by Five Elements, not animals.

Career: The people relationship will become poor to Dragon people in 2014. Dragon people need to open their eyes to identify who are the friends or who are the enemies. They should always think twice before next move. It’s not a good idea to show your aggressive ambition on the career competition. To changing job in the beginning of the Horse Year is not a smart move. either. There is an Up-and-Down Star in 2014.  That’s a sign of uncertainty.

It’s time to contact your close friends often. When you need help, they can be found soon. When they are available, you won’t feel alone. So you can make your decision firmly and quickly by considering their advice or opinions. As long as courage and confidence with you, you should be able to handle the career development in 2014.

Money: There is a Golden Star appearing in 2014. That sign shows Dragon people have chance to meet rich and noble person. Another meaning is you will deal with money related task or activity often. That means you can see many money opportunities there. But that doesn’t mean you can have them all.

In Five Element theory, Dragon contains mainly Earth. Water is connected to money to Dragon. Year of Horse contains Fire and Earth. There is no Water in the 2014. That tells us that no strong money luck toward Dragon people in 2014. So the money luck is unstable. Basically, Dragon people shouldn’t do risky investment. There is no easy income in 2014. You must use your energy and mind to earn your reward. If you need to make an investment, it’s better to ask financial experts to suggest to you a financial plan before taking action. When doing the investment, you can choose Water related fields such as marine, transportation, shipping, swimming, drinking, public media, broadcasting, social work or Internet.

Love: The luck of love relationship is fair to Dragon people in 2014. Horse won’t bring too much chemistry of love to Dragon. If you are single and looking for love, then you need to be patient because there is no Romance Star toward you in 2014. You have better chance in the March, August, September and November.

If you are in love, then the love relationship development will be slow. That’s fine. As long as you can hold on the relationship. If you are married, you probably will be busy for your career and money income. But sometimes you should be slow down, take a rest and spend time for your family.

Health: The health luck to Dragon people is below average. since some pressures might come from career, finance or love area. The worry and depression might constantly haunt around. You can to find your close friends to talk about your feelings. That will help you to relax your body and soul, then bring back your energy and spirit.

Dragon people also have to pay attention on the safety, because of an injury sign showing in 2014. They must drive very carefully on the road to avoid the hospital treatment. The activities related to ocean, lake, boating and swimming are not recommended. To have enough sleep and rest is a simple way to relax yourself. Dragon people shouldn’t miss regular meals. So you have good health and full energy to accept challenges.

More Dragon Zodiac: Personality and Compatibility

Snake years: 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001.

2013 shouldn’t be a great year for most of the Snake people. This is because there are too many taboos when Snake people are in the Snake Year. 2014 is Year of Horse. In Chinese Five Elements theory, Snake and Horse are in Fire group. They are same gang. They can get along well. That’s a 2014 good news for Snake people.

The lucky Salary Star, Intelligent Star and Romance Star come toward Snake people in 2014. The career luck, money luck and people relationship will be good. Year of Horse is the time to re-boot your life. Snake people need to learn from Horse, move faster and even fly higher to move up your level of life for yourself and family.

Career: Your hardship, discipline and cultivation from the previous year bring you good results this year. 2014 is Wooden Horse year. Wood is related to Snake’s education and Intelligence. Snake people will become much smarter. Since your people relationship will be good, a career promotion is possible. Also, the Salary Star appears in 2014, your pay is not only stable, the salary raise will come.

If you are in school, your academic achievement will have big improvement. If you want to attend an examination for career license or looking for a government job, then the Intelligent Star will help you to reach your goal.

Money: Snake people have slow income last year. In 2014, Snake people have very good career luck. The career position brings people the fixed and stable income.  Snake people also have clear mind and creative idea in the year of Horse. They can start a new project or new investment to pursuit their wealth in 2014. Since Salary Star comes toward you, you can try on any job opportunity for better pay. In short, you must earn money from your wisdom. To gamble a risky investment without using brain is still danger. Male Snake people will do better investment and know how to earn money easier and quicker than Female Snake people in 2014.

Love: In Chinese horoscopes, Horse and Snake have attraction relationship because of Fire. Also, Horse brings a Romantic Star to Snake people in 2014. Therefore, the love relationship of Snake people must be great this year. If you are a single, it’s time to join the social activities to find your companion. If you are in love, then your love relationship will be sweeter. You should think about a deeper relationship. If you are married, then you will have a wonderful marriage life in 2014. If you have double love relationships, then the Romantic Star could bring your trouble.

Health: There is a slight illness sign showing in 2014. That shouldn’t create a big issue. As long as Snake people have good habit of enough sleep, right eating, proper exercise and good sanitation in your daily life, they will recover their health quickly when any small illness occurs. Senior Snake people might have to watch their health more often. Senior people should avoid to plan for a long-distance travel during the summer.

2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Horse is Fire and Wood helps Fire to burn longer. Snake is Fire, too. The Fire is too strong in 2014. It’s possible that Snake people have too much Fire or too less Water in 2014. Too much Fire will cause problem in cardiovascular system. Too little Water will cause problem in urinary system.

More Snake Zodiac: Personality and Compatibility

Horse years: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002.

That is a sign of jinx in Chinese horoscope when a Horse meets another Horse from the yearly cycle. That tells us that the year of Horse won’t be a good year for Horse people. The scene is that if a Horse is passing by a town with a local Horse tyrant in charge. If Horse people can keep quiet, then they will be safe and pass the town. If Horse people want to mess with or challenge the tyrant, then trouble will come to them during their journey.

That means Horse people will travel under somebody’s territory. Horse people needs to play in low-profile during 2014. Their people friendship, love relationship, money management or job competition might encounter a certain limitation during the Horse year.

Career: There is a Military General Star coming toward Horse people in 2014. That’s a sign of power and leadership. When Horse meets Horse, that implies the competition. Since Horse people enter enemy’s territory, the competition is underdog to Horse people. In order to gain the leadership, Horse people will face many challenges. Therefore, you will spend lots of time with your friends, supporters or competitors to solve issues regarding the business. If you failed to handle that properly, you will lose your reputation, even power. As a result, you might blame on yourself. You have better be humble and patient first. To take action, you must be waiting for good timing. Anyway, to build good people relationship makes your career development much easier.

Horse can run very fast and far away. However, without a guide on its back, Horse doesn’t know where it should go. Therefore, to listen people’s opinion is very important for Horse people in 2014.

Money: Horse people will deal a lots with money in 2014. You will involve or be in charge of money management, because of the Military General Star. People around you are watching the money in your hands. They will be trying anything they can to utilize your money resources you have. They will ask your out often. therefore, your social activities and social expenses will increase. To loan money to your friends is not a good idea in the Horse year. That might become a dispute in the agreement later on. Then you may lose the friendship. 2014 is also not a good year to invest money on uncertain business. Watch your money tightly, especially in the summer. Your money luck will be better when the weather is cooling down.

Love: The love relationship of Horse people is fair today. There is a Popularity Star appearing in 2014. That will help single Horse people to meet a opposite sex. However, you still have the competition out there and the development of relationship will be slow. If you are in school, then you should focus more on the study. Spending too much time on the new relationship won’t give you better or faster result. If you are in love and you want to push closer relationship on your lover, then you might hurt yourself in the end. If you are married, you might have little quarrel. So to put your focus on the career development or financial management is a better approach.

Health: Horse people should have stronger body and mind than the previous year. If they have slight illness, they should be able to recover quickly, as long as they have enough sleeping and rest. But Horse people in the Horse year usually don’t have a long-lasting good mood, which could impact their health. So don’t forget to do the annual physical examination. One Hurting Star arrives to Horse people in 2014. So they have better drive very carefully on the road and try to avoid dangerous sports.

2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Horse is Fire and Wood helps Fire to burn longer. There are too much Fire coming toward Horse people in 2014. It’s quite possible that Horse people have too much Fire or too less Water in 2014. Too much Fire will cause problem in the cardiovascular system. Too little Water will cause problem in the urinary system.

More Horse Zodiac: Personality and Compatibility

Sheep years: 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003.

Sheep and Horse have many things in common. They are herbivore. They are animals that enjoy outdoor under the Sun. Sometimes farmers put Sheep inside the Horse’s stable during the night as Horse’s companion. In Chinese Horoscope theory, Sheep and Horse have attraction relationship because of Fire. Therefore, there is no problem for Sheep and Horse living together. This implies that Sheep people will have a nice year in 2014.

Career: Sheep people should be busy in the Snake year. The reward of hardworking performance will arrive in the Horse year. The Sun Star lets you becoming popular in your working environment, Whenever you need help, a male coworker or boss will appear to provide you good recommendation. The Career Star opens the career opportunity to Sheep people. If you keep and improve your job performance, then a job promotion is possible. However, there is no guarantee your great expectation will be fulfilled, because an Emptiness Star is on the sky. While the career luck is growing, you still need to play in low-profile. Humble and modest behaviors are easier to earn people’s long-term recognition.

Money: There is no strong Money Star appearing in 2014. The money luck for Sheep people is fair. In Five Elements theory, Water represents money to Sheep people. Horse contains no Water. Money is not a major event in 2014. However, the Sun Star and Moon Star are appearing in the same time in the Horse year. If you need financial help or planning, you should be able to find the right people to help you to manage your wealth. The long-term money investment shows better luck than the short-term investment.

Your major earning in 2014 will come from salary or other fixed income. To earn the extra income, it’s easier to spend time on job related projects. Your reward is still need your energy, sweat and time. If you are too greedy and invest money on the risky business, then the investment might end up no profit.

Love: Sheep and Horse can get along well, because of the horoscope’s attraction relationship. That is a good sign of love relationship. the Sun Star and Moon Star are a big plus to improve the people relationship. The female Sheep people have better luck in love relationship than a male. 2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Wood of 2014 represents the Husband or Boyfriend Star to a female. Therefore, if you are female and single, then 2014 is good year to find your ideal companion. Beside to attend more the social activities, you also can try the channel from parent’s connection to increase the love opportunity.

If you are in love, then the Horse year brings you a good chance to develop a deeper love relationship with your lover. If you are married, then you will have a sweet marriage life in 2014.

Health: Sheep people shouldn’t have any big issue in their health. But the slight illness might come often. Some Sheep people will be busy from their career. Some will have more travel schedules. If Sheep people can eat properly and have enough sleeping and rest, then they should be able to recover quickly for those minor illness.

Sheep is in the Earth group. Horse contains Fire and Earth. Fire is the Mother Element of Earth to make Earth stronger. That means Sheep people might have too much Earth in 2014. Too much Earth will cause the problem in digestion system. So Sheep people need to watch their diet to protect their intestines and stomach. Too much Earth might absorb too much Water. If Water is too less, then that’s will impact the urinary system, which are bladder and kidney.

More Sheep Zodiac: Personality and Compatibility

Monkey years: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004.

There is no special connection between Monkey and Horse. According to Chinese Five Elements theory, Horse contains strong  Fire. Monkey contains mainly Metal. Metal is afraid of Fire. So Monkey will face some pressures in the year of Horse.

Monkey is a smart animal. It should accept the challenges from Horse. If Monkey can get on the horseback, then Monkey can go as anywhere they want. Therefore traveling is a good sign for Monkey people in 2014. If Monkey people want to look for better opportunity for their life, then they can consider to look for opportunities away from hometown.

Career: 2013 was a Snake year. Snake is in the Fire group. 2014 is a Horse year. Fire of Horse is stronger than Fire of Snake. If Monkey people need to do tiresome assignments within a busy schedule since 2013, then the job pressure will continue in 2014. You might have more errands. You might need to travel more. You might have tighter schedule. Monkey people should use their intelligence to challenge the stress.

2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Wood of 2014 represents money to Monkey people. The money is on the top of Horse. Monkey must get on the horseback to own the money. If you can rein the Horse, then money is yours. If you cannot catch up the Horse, then you are always chasing the money.

Money: The Money Star appears in this Wooden Horse year. Therefore, the money opportunity is there. Monkey people just need to figure out how to get it. Money is on the horseback. This tells us that Monkey people must move faster and work harder to earn their income. It’s not an easy job. It might need to take a little bit time. There is no easy money in the Horse year, you must spend your energy, sweat and time to exchange your reward. To travel out of town might be a better idea to locate your treasure.

However, remember that you shouldn’t be too greedy after owning the money on the horseback. It’s still dangerous there. If you cannot handle it, then you will fall down. When that happens, you will encounter more pressure from money, even a lawsuit.

Love: There is no love connection between Monkey and Horse. So the love relationship is fair. It might have a ripple. But it will disappear soon. If you want to find a good companion, you still need to travel a little bit further to look for the opportunity. It’s hard to find one around your current environment.

If you are in love, then you just have to maintain the existing relationship. You might have too busy career schedule to build a closer love relationship. If you are married, then minor quarrel is possible, but that’s easy to avoid using your wisdom.

Health: Career or money pressure might bother Monkey people sometimes. Summer is a tough time. Monkey people need to enough sleep and good rest for their coming challenges. Monkey people might spend more time outdoor or away from the home. You should drive very carefully on the road and try to avoid dangerous sports.

There is minor unlucky star regarding family members in 2014. If you have seniors in your family, then you should say hello to them often and make sure they have good mood and health. If someone you love away from you, then it’s nice to give them a call once for a while.

More Monkey Zodiac: Personality and Compatibility

Rooster years: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005.

Rooster and Horse are farm animals. But Rooster doesn’t like Horse, because Rooster feels pressure from Horse. According to Chinese Five Elements theory. Rooster is in Metal group. Horse in in Fire group. Fire can melt the Metal. That’s why Rooster is afraid of Horse.

Rooster should have a great year in the year of Snake. Luckily, Rooster will continue to do well in the year of Horse. The Happiness Star, Heaven Star and Moon Star are toward Rooster people in the same time. This Horse year will be a wonderful one for Rooster people. The Love Star and Romantic Star are also appearing in 2014. Rooster people will have a joyful year for their love relationship.

Career: In Chinese Horoscopes, Horse contains Fire, Earth. Fire is related to Career Star to Rooster people. Fire brings Rooster people more job assignments and pressures, which is the job opportunity. Earth inside the Horse is related to someone offering assistances and protections for Rooster people. There is a Moon Star appearing in 2014. That implies the person helping you could be a female. Therefore, relationships in the office are very important to Rooster people. You need to build those relationships first. Otherwise, you cannot find them when you need help. Without people’s help, Rooster is hard to challenge the pressure from Horse Fire.

Money: 2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Wood of 2014 represents Money to Rooster people. So Money is there. Rooster people have to find a way to get it. Since Money sits beside Horse, Rooster needs to conquer the pressure from Horse before reaching the money. That means Chicken people still need some effort, courage, energy and time to earn the money. Remember that you cannot be too greedy. If you make too much noise, then Horse might be disturbed and jump up to hurt you. In this case, money trouble might bring you a lawsuit.

Wood of 2014 is also connected to the Happiness Star. If you have better income, then you will know how to enjoy your life.

Love: Rooster and Horse don’t have special love relationship, according to Chinese Five Elements theory. But Rooster people have very good luck in love relationship. The Romance Star appears in 2014. Rooster people will become popular in their social network. They will have more chances to meet the opposite sex. Wood of 2014 is connected to girlfriend or wife to a man. Therefore, male single Rooster people have better opportunity to find their new companion than females.

Another Love Star is for people in love. They should be able to build deeper love relationship. The marriage relationship is also possible. Combing Romance Star and Love Star is not good for married Rooster people. If they have double love relationships in the same time, they might end up a big money loss because of love affair. The worse case will become a lawsuit.

Health: Some pressure comes from the career. That will impact Rooster people’s health once for a while. There are minor Unlucky Stars related to health in 2014. Sometimes, it will cause slight illness. If you watch your health often, have enough sleep and good rest, then you can recover pretty quick from those minor troubles. Senior or sick Rooster people need to pay attention on their respiratory system. They have better live in a good air quality community to protect their throat and lungs. The long-distance travel is not recommended for seniors and sick ones in the year of Horse year.

Rooster Zodiac: Personality and Compatibility

Dog years: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006.

Both Dog and Horse are farm animals. They must have many things in common. They are intelligent and would like to serve their masters. That’s why they could become the best friends to human. Sometimes, their masters will send Dog to the Horse’s stable during the night as Horse’s companion. According to Chinese Horoscopes, Dog and Horse also have attraction relationship because of Fire. That’s tell us Dog and Horse can get along well. In other words, Dog will have a very good people relationship in the year of Horse.

The Lucky Stars and Unlucky Stars arrive toward Dog people in 2014. Therefore, Dog people have mixing good and bad luck in the Horse year. Lucky Stars bring good opportunities in career, money and love area. In the same time, Unlucky Stars set up some traps on the road to your success. As long as Dog people can adjust their attitude to face the challenges, 2014 will be one of the great years to you.

Career: 2014 is a Wooden Horse year. Wood of 2014 represents the Career Star to Dog people. That means Horse opens the career opportunity to you. Career always brings people pressures. In Chinese Five Element theory, Dog is in Earth group. Horse is in Fire group. Fire is the mother element of Earth; Fire will protect and support Earth. This will make you much easier in career development, because Horse Fire will take over the pressures from the Wood.

There is a Military General Star coming toward Dog people in 2014. That’s a sign of power and leadership. But another Unlucky Tiger Star is watching Dog people in the same time. That means your enemy is on the same career path with you and you have strong competition in 2014. In order to win the game, Dog people can spend more time with your friends and supporters to build solid relationship. You can ask their opinions often for major decisions. Also, you still need to play in low-profile. Humble and modest behaviors are safer when the villain is around. If you can earn the recognition from most coworkers, then you will have a very successful career year.

Money: The major event of 2014 will be in the career year. There is no strong Money Star appearing in this Horse Year. In Chinese Five Element system, Water represents money to Dog people. Horse of 2014 contains no Water. Therefore, your major earning will come from career’s salary or other fixed income. There is no sign for windfall or easy money. The short-term money investment won’t bring you a quick return. If you are busy in career development, then you can ask someone good at financial management to give you a long-term investment plan. In general, the money luck of Dog people is fair and stable in the year of Horse year.

Love: Dog people have good people relationship in 2014. You will spend more time in the social activities. You will feel that it’s much easier to make friends from the social world than the previous year.  If you are single, then 2014 is a good year to try the new relationship. But you have to keep in mind. the competition is out there. Wood of 2014 represents the Husband or Boyfriend Star to a female. Therefore, if you are female and single, then 2014 is good year to find your ideal companion.

If you always have a relationship, then its good time to think about deeper relationship by knowing more about the family members of your lover. If you are married, then your marriage life will be full of love. If you are a female, then you will care and spend more time with your husband in 2014.

Health: Dog people might have some pressures from their career. Those pressure might cause slight illness to you. As long as Dog people can have enough sleeping and good rest, they should be able to recover very quickly for those minor troubles. There is an Unlucky Star regarding the health toward Dog people in 2014. That’s a sign of injury. Dog people might increase their social activities and spend more time in travel. So you just need to watch the safety on the road and try to avoid dangerous sports.

Dog is in the Earth group. Horse contains Fire and Earth. Fire is the Mother Element of Earth and can burn more into Earth. It’s possible that Dog people have too much Earth in 2014. Too much Earth will cause the problem in digestion system. Therefore Dog people have to watch their diet to protect their intestines and stomach. Too much Earth might absorb too much Water. If Water is too less, then that’s will impact the urinary system. which are bladder and kidney.

More Dog Zodiac: Personality and Compatibility

Pig years: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007.

Pigs don’t have to do any farm work for human. They just eat, drink and sleep in the pen. They are treated as lucky animal in Chinese horoscopes. Horse is useful animal to human. They can do the job in the farmland. They also help people traveling. Pig spends most of time indoor and Horse almost stay outdoor. They shouldn’t disturb each other.

In Chinese Five Elements theory, Pig is in the Water group. and Horse is in the Fire group. Water and Fire are opposite elements. They should fight each other. But Pig and Horse can live peaceful. The following is the reason. Pig contains Male Water and Male Wood. Horse contains Female Fire and Female Earth. In Chinese horoscopes, Male Water of Pig and Female of Horse have attraction relationship. Male Wood of Pig and Female Earth of Horse also have attraction relationship. This means Pig and Horse look incompatible. but they can get along pretty well. This is a good lucky sign for Pig people in 2014.

There are Moon Star, Money Star, Consumption Star and Sick Star appearing in year of Wooden Horse. The lucky stars and unlucky stars are mixing together. Comparing with the year of Snake, Pig people have much better luck in 2014.

Career: Basically Pig is Water and Horse is Fire. Pig will be busy to pull off Fire. 2014 is Wooden Horse. Wood of 2014 makes Pig smarter. That means Pig people will be very busy in this career. Pig people need lots of energy and brain power for their work. The Moon Star of 2014 implies a female friend or coworker coming to help your job assignments and career development. The career opportunity shows pretty good in 2014. Your income may increase from your job.

Since the Consumption Star is around, you need to pay for your cost – time, energy and sweat to exchange the return or reward. If you don’t have energy to do it, then someone else will take over your task. Therefore, you need to make sure you have good health and energy to face the career challenges. As long as not be lazy, you will have a great career achievement in the end of the Horse year.

Money: Horse contains Fire, which is related to money to Pig people. Wood of 2014 is connected to the wisdom to Pig people. This means Pig people will use their knowledge to earn their income. Another good news is that a hidden Money Star comes toward Pig people. Also, the social relationship is great to Pig people in 2014, Pig people may be able to receive good financial advice from closed friends or relatives. The increasing wealth is expected.

Fire of Wood Horse is strong. Pig people will be deal with money event a lot. Although, Pig people have good money income luck. But their expense will increase in the same time. If you do too much on the risky investment or work with too greedy friends, then you still have a chance of money loss. The good approach is to spend money on your family members or relatives or to donate money to charity. You will feel your money spending is meaningful.

Love: If you are single, you have good opportunity to find your love in 2014. You may have difficulty to spot your style in the social activities. But you cannot judge people from the outlook or appearances, you have to try any possibility. The reason is Pigs don’t like to run and Horses like to run fast.  Their personalities are not quite compatible. Actually, Pig and Horse are compatible. They just like to weave their love story secretly. Since they don’t like to announce their relationship in public, they prefer to talk softly, not loudly. If you cannot show your tender side, then it will take time to find your love.

If you are in love or married, then your love relationship should be pretty well. However, if you hold on two love relationships simultaneously, then the love relationship might bring you big trouble, because an unlucky Killer Star is around. The Fire of Horse could burn your love to ashes.

Health: Pig is Water and Horse is Fire. Pig people might need to spend too much energy and brain power to handle career and money in the Horse year. There is a Sick Star appearing in 2014. When you are tired, then you must stop everything, then take a big rest. If you feel uncomfortable for a while, then you must visit your doctor. Do not forget your annual physical examination. If you are not in good health, then you have better not to visit patients in hospital. As long as you don’t neglect your health, you will be fine in the year of Horse.

More Pig Zodiac: Personality and Compatibility

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