Corona 2020

How hard has this affected your town? I know around here the constant chat on Facebook is referring to ‘hoarders’ and so on, where I can’t really see that when I shop, for example.. plenty of stock generally speaking except for the somewhat ‘rationed’ items. Which makes you think the occasional ‘news story’ regarding a particular shop seems to give this all momentum, therefore adds to the panic syndrome which in turn feeds the people the idea that they ‘must over-shop’, regardless of being told the shops will not run out, by not keeping the items restocked, throughout the day.. is perpetuating the panic.

I’ve been taking things relatively easy enough, as in just shopping to top up when needed, also found this post, which had some awesome tips for that (pre-stocking) even in non-pandemic times, it will save you 100s of dollars fortnightly. Please don’t speed read that last link, as many have presumed her to be a ‘hoarder’, yet this is something she’s done for most of her adult life, and the images of her pantry, was obviously also stocked, from well before the pandemic, ie: from last year, therefore, when she does shop, it’s just topping up with small amounts. There’s another post here on reminders of what parts of fresh food you may not be using..? Or to utilize them at least to the optimum you can for nutrition sake.

This town has rallied, however, with their groups & in helping the unemployed and elderly, as has most of Australia. By increasing opportunities, payments and hours of shopping.

This seems to be a common feeling across the world, to make a difference for others.. by communities influencing companies, shops and so on, to help more.

Though I truly hope this pandemic can work as a ‘best practices’ example to help department stores, supermarkets be far more organized, in the future, it is after all.. the age of the world wide web, shouldn’t it (grocery shopping) at least be more organized in times of crises? Keeping most shopping online, hiring the extra staff for deliveries, Government help with that if need be.. Since they repeatedly state, they are not running out of anything, then prove it, hmm?! It is 2020, you would think so, a plan such as the ones in place for flooding or cyclones, Australia usually does fairly well with these situations.

health, diet and recipes

In these stressful times, it’s important to stick to a healthy regime of food, diet and recipes where possible, that will help boost your immunity overall, following are some tips, the first Pinterest Board also has ‘fun & comfort food’; also a necessity! 😉


Or at least get your Apocalypse on, with fashion!


Don’t forget in times of isolation, the Gaming Communities are always full of action.. check out Steams Free Games there’s also GoG with many free games at the moment. Don’t forget to keep fit though & Exercise frequently!



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