New Windows Update Issues

Many people experience issues when updating windows, as did I late last year and put it off for some other time. These days, windows updating is also ‘optional’, therefore was easy to do, however, this was not a ‘click’ to re-try like other ‘updates’ when viewing update history. The new Windows update 20H2 is a required update and 1909 will be shortly unsupported. After a bit of searching, it was apparent that the Antivirus may have been the problem, there were also people stating to completely remove/uninstall the AV program from your pc.

My issue was connected with the “20H2 error 0xc1900101” and I decided to update last night, like others who may have put it off, you’ll perhaps see a notification soon to update from the 1909 version, if not already; ‘click to go to settings > update‘. The only thing with that, it often won’t have an option to update your version, if you tried, and your pc failed in the past.

Personally, I like to find a troubleshooting fast track of my own, so having read a few links on searching.. I usually cut back what I read into what makes sense for my pc.

1: I didn’t go for the ‘clean windows install‘ which came up a lot in the search. If you’re experiencing a lot of problems, or your pc is running with a very old Windows version, it may be an option.

2: AntiVirus Program: I did disable my Antivirus, though uninstalling it wasn’t necessary.

3: Disk Space: I have since, long ago made a huge difference with available memory on my system, 100’s of gb free at the moment, due to the fact of playing games that require a lot of space to run, like Warframe & Cities: Skylines, I keep all the files, old saves videos & images culled back to the minimum. Often transferring to a removable drive if I need any of it. Want a quick & free way to find the culprits on your machine? Jam Software Treesize Free program or the Jams’ Microsoft pc app. otherwise you can also use the built-in Windows feature called ‘storage sense’ to do a similar process, just not as detailed. Not used that before? Just search ‘space’ in the settings menu, click on ‘… storage sense‘ which will be one of the options there

4: Simply click ‘update now’ at the Microsoft Link, and the Microsoft Update Assistant, will then download and you can run it. This will take a while, and restart many times. It will check for compatibility before running, do make a ‘restore point’ if you’re concerned. Ensure you have set your pc to ‘restart’ when needed in the advanced options. see the image below. Don’t forget after it’s all finished to revisit the windows ‘update & security’ in settings, as there may now be some cumulative updates relevant for the 20H2 version.

Troubleshooting Checklist:


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