Astro Metrix – Development

A different connection for the various Digital Artworks that I do ie; logos, websites, personal blogs, Twitch or Streaming overlays also – Facebook, Twitter, Discord Banners and much more. Also available is the ability to view the progress of your designs via password, at Apanache.

Instead of archiving this page, re, ‘Astro Metrix, the Star Trek Bot’, thought I would add some other details.

If you’ve found this link via an outside link and need more information on designs & artwork – please contact me for a quote.

The connection here is for people that would like help to jazz up their Discord, Twitch Streams or websites with Digital Art, logos and Avatars; Contact me for more information, even if you just need help with Discord Embeds and/or working with ‘public bots’ to help personalize your servers.

Welcome to the Space Bot party!

 ASTRO MΞTRĮӾ (bot, now archived)

Whether I get a custom bot made for Star Trek alone again, is doubtful

paypal donation

For Paypal Donations or Art Commissions

A few examples, though a favorite for me is dealing with multi-layered gifs. 😉
There are only a few shown, for privacy reasons..