Astro Metrix – Development

A different connection for the various Digital Artworks that I do ie; logos, websites, personal blogs, Twitch or Streaming overlays also – Facebook, Twitter, Discord Banners etc and available to view the progress of your designs via password here at Apanache.

If you’ve found this link via an outside link and need more information on designs & artwork – please contact me for a quote.

The connection here is for people (or fans of Star Trek & Discord) that would like to add the bots to their Discord server (there is no cost involved). Contact me for more information or leave comments and ideas for future development and of course to ask about ASTRO MΞTRĮӾ or or “Click Here” to invite Astro to your discord server and >> check all it’s commands out <<.

This is a project/portfolio page designed to help enable comments and ideas for my self-hosted Red – Twenty Six Discord bots. [links: v2 and v3As more ‘enhancements’ come to light, it becomes a costly endeavor to connect custom features regarding Star Trek and the running of the instance & vms – though donations are not a requirement

Your donation may also be in the form of the bots development with knowledge of bots, discord py/ python & encompassing relevant information & help with your time & expertise in the development & design of any Star Trek Enhancement (so you might be a fan of the genre!) There are cogs in use already and sometimes available to ‘fork’ to make customization,  also check the doc’s on Red Cog creation.

Welcome to the Space Bot party!

Get ASTRO MΞTRĮӾ for your server!

Whether I get a custom bot made for Star Trek alone is also under consideration atm

paypal donation

For Paypal Donations or Art Commissions

  • The bots are not set to public ~ I add them upon application
  • Donations are also not a requirement ~ only much appreciated if it happens! To help run them 24/7
  • These bots are intended for fun, personal and non-profit use only

Star TrekStar Trek: The Animated SeriesStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Deep Space NineStar Trek: VoyagerStar Trek: Enterprise, and Star Trek: Discovery are all registered trademarks of CBS Corporation. Am in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by CBS.

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