Star Trek Timelines

A start to a new portfolio section, Star Trek Timelines: it will include my progress with the game also Guidelines and Tips if you’re new to it. Will add more project pages in the future devoted to the Star Trek Movies and Series alike.

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“Experience the Star Trek universe like never before in STAR TREK TIMELINES, a truly immersive mobile game featuring hundreds of characters, stunning 3D ship battles, and an immense galaxy to explore.

Disruptor Beam will continue to expand and improve STAR TREK TIMELINES with new characters, star ships, and game features, including in-game events and persistent open-world play”.

Star Trek Timelines

Having played the game for over 6 months, it can be quite addictive for Star Trek fans. I’ll enlarge upon this section from time to time, as… Read more “Star Trek Timelines”

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Star Trek Timelines

Notes and images on my progress in the game: this is a very new section & it’s still under development, it may grow to be a lot… Read more “Star Trek Timelines”

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