Jai Courtney Wins at the GQ Awards

Check out my new portfolio pages for Jai Courtney, Jai Courtney Updates has all the news and images from his GQ Men of the Year Awards win as: Actor of the Year.

I’ve also added my Jai Courtney gifs and edits with their own portfolio, so they have a page all to themselves… these will all be kept updated.

Jai Courtney Updates

Last update 23 November, 2016 Jai Courtney featured in this month’s issue of Men’s Style Australia, photography by Lorenzo Agius and published on the 15th of August,… Read more “Jai Courtney Updates”

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Jai Courtney Movie Updates

Page Last Updated: 16/09/2016 JAI Courtney’s rise in Hollywood is set to continue with news the Australian actor has landed another major film role. Jai Courtney is… Read more “Jai Courtney Movie Updates”

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Jai Courtney’s Bio & Filmography

(last update: 23/11/2016) He was named after a character in the 1966 TV series of Tarzan; ‘the boy who was found in the jungle’….  His parents are… Read more “Jai Courtney’s Bio & Filmography”

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Jai Courtney Edits

I’ll be keeping this page updated with my artwork / edits, collages and gifs of Jai Courtney. Until I add more see most of them at my… Read more “Jai Courtney Edits”

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