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JAI Courtney’s rise in Hollywood is set to continue with news the Australian actor has landed another major film role.

Jai Courtney is to play alongside two-time Oscar winner Michael Douglas and rising actor Brenton Thwaites (Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) in intriguing Cannes package The God Four.

Jai Courtney, Michael Douglas & Brenton Thwaites

Todd Komarnicki (Resistance), writer of upcoming Clint Eastwood-Tom Hanks biopic Sully and producer of Will Ferell comedy Elf, has written and will direct the feature, which is based on Ron Irwin’s novel Flat Water Tuesday.

Jai Courtney and “Game of Thrones” actress Natalie Dormer will join Michael Douglas and Brenton Thwaites in the Todd Komarnicki-directed “God Four” for Protagonist Pictures.

The story follows a documentary filmmaker, Rob Carrey (Courtney), on the eve of his ten-year school reunion, discovers one of his championship rowing crew has just committed suicide.

The discovery compels him to look back at his final year at college – a time of rivalry, romance and dangerous secrets. Jason Speer, Lars Winther, Peter Winther and Hadeel Reda will produce and filming kicks off next month in Massachusetts.

Dormer’s immediate next film is the psychological revenge thriller “In Darkness” which she co-wrote with Anthony Bryne and in which she plays a blind musician who gets pulled into London’s dark underbelly after she hears a murder committed in the apartment above her.

Komarnicki, who wrote Clint Eastwood’s Sully and produced Will Ferrell’s Elf, wrote and will direct the project, which starts shooting June, 2016. Producers are Jason Speer (The Family Fang), Lars Winther (Captain America: Civil War), Peter Winther (The Patriot) and Hadeel Reda (16 Blocks).

Source: Screen Daily and Deadline

Jai Courtney, Lily James & Christopher Plummer star in The Kaiser’s Last Kiss.  (2015)

jc lily james

The Terminator Genisys star will appear alongside Lily James and Christopher Plummer in The Kaiser’s Last Kiss (now renamed: ‘The Exception’) under the helm of five time Tony nominated director David Leveaux.

Set in World War II, the spy thriller is based on the novel by Alan Judd.

Courtney will play a German Nazi officer while James is to be a young Jewish woman. James will play an agent in the World War II Dutch resistance, which works covertly with Winston Churchill to insert an agent into the home of the Kaiser, who will be played by Plummer. A dangerous love affair ignites between a German officer — played by Courtney — and the agent as the Nazis race to identify and eliminate the agent to block the potentially disastrous defection of their former emperor to England.

“Principal photography is already underway in Belgium for the film, which stars Lily James and Jai Courtney

In The Kaiser’s Last Kiss, James plays a agent in the WWII Dutch resistance, who works covertly with Winston Churchill, played by Christopher Plummer. As the Nazis are trying to identify the Dutch agent, who is attempting to sneak the German emperor into England, she strikes up a dangerous romantic affair with a German officer, played by Courtney.

Screenwriter Simon Burke adapted The Kaiser’s Last Kiss from a novel by Alan Ludd. David Leveaux, the five-time Tony nominee, will direct the historical drama, which is being financed by Silver Reel”.  Read more at Hollywood Reporter >>

Jai Courtney

Our favorite Australian has in recent years cemented his position as one of Hollywood’s leading men.

He’s just wrapped shooting Suicide Squad in London with Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Wil Smith and is will next be seen in Man Down alongside Kate Mara and Shia LaBeouf.

Man Down is a psychological thriller penned by Adam Simon (Synapse) and is about an Afghanistan war veteran struggling with his past while looking for his family in a post-apocalyptic America.


The very first Man Down image featuring LaBeouf as that war veteran Gabriel Drummer as well as Jai Courtney as Devin Roberts, and Clifton Collins Jr. as Charles.  The idea of a soldier coming home to find the country in ruins and then have to search for his family is a good one.

In a savage post-apocalyptic America, U.S. Marine GABRIEL DRUMMER (La Beouf), searches desperately for the whereabouts of his estranged son, JONATHAN and wife, NATALIE (Mara). Accompanied by his best friend DEVIN ROBERTS (Courtney), a hardnosed marine whose natural instinct is to shoot first and ask questions later, the two intercept CHARLES (Clifton Collins Jr.), an apocalyptic survivor carrying vital information about the whereabouts of Gabriel’s family. As we revisit the past, we are guided in unraveling the puzzle of Gabriel’s experience and what will eventually lead us to the origin of this war torn America. << Via The Collider

Jai o25
I guess many of us are wondering when he’ll be beardless again….?


Via, Source/Credit: >> In a recent interview with MTV, Courtney, who will be taking the role of Captain Boomerang in the film, shared his thoughts about the issue regarding the leaks, revealing that he thinks of the incidents as a ‘funny’ matter.

When asked about the matter, he says, “Well, it’s [the leaks] always funny.” He relates his idea that actors like himself get cast in films, particularly franchise, thinking that everything will be filmed in secrecy, adding that they needed to sign agreements in order to prevent leaks.

However, the “Terminator: Genisys” actor says, “I guess they launched some images officially… We know we were going to get snapped up.” While he admits that he, his co-stars and the crew were not allowed to divulge anything, he said, “[But] fans now and [like] bloggers have a pretty fair idea of what’s going on.”


On the other hand, Batman News reports that other than sharing his idea about the leaks, Courtney also talked about co-star Leto and the pressure he is going through as he portrays the iconic Joker.

MTV asked the actor if Leto is currently using a particular method to approach his “Suicide Squad” character, to which Courtney answered, “Sort of.” Captain Boomerang then went to explain that he has not been seeing the latter as of late – a circumstance which he described as “out of character.”

However, Courtney also reveals that Leto is taking his role “very, very seriously,” saying that the other cast members are not ignorant of the pressure that the actor is under. MTV quotes, “It’s nothing I’ve talked about [with him], but I’ve seen him working and it’s cool, man.”

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“Terminator: Genisys”, where Courtney stars in, was  released on July 1, while “Suicide Squad” is said to hit theatres on Aug. 5 2016.

by Christina House / For The Times / Via LA Times
by Christina House / For The Times / Via LA Times

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An Interview with Jai, at Esquire

via LA Times

Jai Courtney was already pretty fit for his upcoming role in DC’s Suicide Squad, but he had to go through some intense martial arts training to really encompass Captain Boomerang. He told Variety that he had been training for three months in different martial arts, and though he’s had his fair share of action roles, this was definitely most intensive. Courtney, who will be portraying an Australian superhero also joked to Access HollywoodAbout his character’s deadly skills with a boomerang, Jai said he’s had a lifetime of practice.  “I’ve being doing that since I was a kid,” he joked. “Wrestling crocodiles, all of the above!”  The Australian actor is glad to be playing a character from Down Under for a change. “Captain Boomerang, he’s an Aussie, which is good,” he explained. “It will be refreshing. It will be nice to speak in my natural tongue for a change.”  (here’s another Article on Jai as Captain Boomerang at Access Hollywood)

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“It’s always fun when you get to work with someone who is incredibly familiar to you from their work. The fear is they will disappoint you in some way, but fortunately for me it’s never been the case”.

“Arnold was great. I think it really hit home that we were making a Terminator film during the table read where he uttered some really iconic lines. It was a really cool moment“.

“I knew he had seen my audition, and as a producer on the movie he had also cast me in it, but I remember showing up thinking f***, what if I don’t deliver”?

“I am not really sure how I overcame that, but it was the first and last time that I felt that pressure. I think once you get going, and if you are putting the work in and things go well, it’s easy to let go of.”

“….there’s a lot of pressure surrounding the all-important follow-up project”.

“As the cliff rises, it gets rockier, and the terrain is even more unsteady…’’

Jai Courtney ~ 2015
Jai Courtney ~ 2015

Evolution is something Courtney himself has always been drawn to. Since his days in the grammar school drama club, an extracurricular he counterbalanced, naturally, with rugby, Courtney says his goal has always been to find a way to take what he’s good at and become even better.

“I think it’s important to remember that several years ago I would have given it all to be in the position I’m in now,” he says. “But I feel like I’m at the start, and there’s still that drive to keep going, to get better and grow as a performer.”

So if that means saving the world an extra few times in addition to taking on more nuanced work, Courtney’s just fine with it.

“I don’t have a clear sense of like ticking boxes as far as roles are concerned,” he explains. “I’ve been getting some incredible opportunities, and those are the things that dreams are made of.”


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