An Imperfect Solution

Live and tell the story you’d rather be telling is often the best way to deal with the past, including hurtful situations… for ‘self healing’. You cannot change the past, but you can change the story you have made out of the past.  “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye” ~ Antoine de Saint Exupery

We all suffer the crisis of discovering that life is not all we had thought it would be.. at different stages of our life we may think, ‘I thought I would have been….’ or that life has let us down. Sometimes we cling to a hope of re-establishing an idealized vision of the world; and we at times, set out to become the person we think we should be and then the ‘struggle’ with what that is or ‘should be’.

“Oh body swayed to music, Oh brightening glance… How can we know, The dancer from the dance” ~ W.B Yeats

We build up people, places and things to be things they are not and could never be, both positive and negative. Also, imbue people in our lives with qualities they do not have, attributing them with behaviours that they do not actually display; and hold them responsible for the very things which belong to ourselves.

our imagination

A  curious person reaches out to the understanding that helps to anticipate and manage their environment more closely.  On one hand, to make a choice to know what you really want, you need to abandon the idealized version of ‘how life should work’, making room for chance and imagination.

Your Imagination

“Cherish your own emotions, and never undervalue them” ~ Robert Henri

We are presented with opportunities in life; that we frequently ignore, for example, or choose not to take them. It’s not that we don’t have the opportunities, we just don’t take them. Often going for options that in the long (and sometimes short..) run, end up being the ‘wrong choice’ for whatever reason. So to spend more time, simply seeing these ‘situations’ as ‘opportunities’, before rushing in may help with the outcome being more productive. Trying to see the big picture long term and not just in the short term and the impact for your life.. is something we all should perhaps practice more often.

In order to ‘have what we want’, we have to overcome the the sense of ‘rushing’, like it can ‘happen any minute’.. and see it more of a pathway leading you to that point and keeping honest with yourself.




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