Just Map It ~ I miss Queensland

How I miss Far North Queensland, the perfect weather Summer or Winter and Everything in between…


The Following Far Nth Queensland Slideshow Pix via LONELY PLANET mostly

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Cairns City Scape
Cairns City Scape

Then there’s the Sunshine Coast, I went through my High School / College years in this Beautiful Area. My best friend lived at Coolum Beach (and still does) so I would visit her there quite a bit on the weekends.  Often times we would also spend the day at Mooloolaba as well, was always a favorite!

Now for a link to an Interactive map for the Sunshine Coast complete with Video’s pictures and more.  I lived at Peregian Beach, pronounced pur~reegi~an, it is named after a bird, like many streets etc in the Sunshine Coast Beach, I went to School via a fairly long trip to Nambour..

Snapshot of the Interactive Map you'll find at the link
Snapshot of the Interactive Map you’ll find at the link

It’s a stunning destination, also amazing when you live in an area such as this one, especially when young how you tend to take a lot of it for granted. Almost thinking perhaps you’ll live there forever and regard it as ‘boring’.. Australian’s, and I am one, can be a little like that but then I believe it happens all over the world, with the different people I chat to.

Rain and Shine Activities

Also, would never have gone near a Golf Course when I was young.. Used to love horse riding near and around Mt Beerwah.. Never got around to along the beach though!

Horse Riding
This links to a Great Website on Horse riding Throughout Australia
Horse Riding along the Beach..
Horse Riding along the Beach..
English: Mount Beerwah which forms part of the...
English: Mount Beerwah which forms part of the Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast looking Northward
Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast looking Northward

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14 thoughts on “Just Map It ~ I miss Queensland

    1. It is a something of everything, that is both Cairns and Sunshine Coast can be as busy or relaxed as you want to make it. Amusing though; once moving away from such a popular tourist town, I regret missing all the ‘attractions’ and so forth that once had taken for granted.

      Or simply the ones that you would have spent more time at etc..

      Not everything is forever, my friend. 🙂 At least I did a lot of sailing in Cairns!


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it Frank! Yes, you might.. hey I miss it like I said too, have no idea when I’ll go there again, and to live? Really not sure, if it’s ‘do~able’ 😦


  1. From RFC Blogger: (was posted on the wrong article tho… You can find her here, http://m4jnct35royallife.wordpress.com/

    This blog is amazing. I was attracted to it by your Avatar on the daily post at wordpress, which is really beautiful and then checked out some of the photos on your blog – they are really great – especially the star gazing ones. Not sure what else to say except – love your blog and love your country. My family had our best and most talked about holiday in Australia. We spent a few weeks there in 2007 visiting Sydney, travelling by campervan to Melbourne (my favourite bit of the holiday), a few days in Uluru and then a few days in Port Douglas. Fab country would love to come back some day.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Sounds like your holiday in Australia went very well, actually a lot of Australians travel via Campervan, it’s an extremely popular travel choice.

      Therefore there’s many social clubs that travel consistently throughout Australia, then share their stories. Here’s a few links you or some of my other readers may enjoy, if you plan to travel in Australia again they also have many tips on sightseeing etc..

      All the best,


    1. I know what you mean.. love it myself..! I lived in Cairns for 14 years, the Sunshine Coast for my High School / College years (5 of them)

      Another few years just recently moved from Cairns to the Sunny Coast 2009 for a few more years.. Now I’m farther south in NSW.. not enjoying it as much as I thought though, Jacqui…

      Sasha 🙂


  2. Yikes!!! I now have Ads?? I do not ‘gain financially’ from this blog.. I’ve also started a ‘wix’ website.. stay ‘tuned’.. have been spending a lot of time there, and other websites not mentioned in my ‘about me’ etc… All the best, readers.. 🙂


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