2013 ~ Year of the Water Snake

Auspicious & Prosperous Year of the Water Snake 2013 ~ Advancing you to better prosperity, position, longevity, wealth & harmony this eastern year.



The qualities or attributes of Water according to the Ancient Chinese are diplomacy and the ability to influence others in a non-confrontational way. Chinese horoscope signs who have water as their element definitely have amazing skills in interpersonal relations and you can find yourself being persuaded by them without realizing it.

Brilliant communicators, they have the ability and skills to wear away at you. Although water can be a powerful and destructive force, it can also be just as effective through a constant “drip-drip” effect.

Water element 

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People are naturals at getting a project rolling – often because it is they that have spotted the potential. They are adept at recognising talent and resources and then putting it to the best use, without making anyone feel used..

Beautiful ring.
Beautiful ring.

On the minus side, Water people can be too conciliatory and will look for the easiest way out, which can lead to problems down the line. They should aim to be more confident in their own abilities and be more assertive with others.

Chinese Symbol for the Year of the snake

Different Viewpoints

The differences in astrological approaches are reflected in the Eastern use of a constellational, rather than solar, chart analysis. The position of the sun in your solar horoscope shows the outward manifestation of your sense of authority: how you seek to impose your authority on others. The sun’s actual position relative to the constellations shows how you relate this sense of authority to more universal realities.

If, in your solar horoscope, your sun is in Aries, it will tend to make you outgoing, even aggressive in your dealings with others. But assuming you were not born toward the very end of Aries, your sun’s actual sidereal position will be in the constellation Pisces. This will mean that your inner sense of universal influences, of authority from above, and your particular brand of inner wisdom, will be Piscean. On deeper levels, most of us are very different from the face we show to the world — not because we seek to deceive others, but only because those sensitive feelings which are at home in the depths of our mental seas would not survive at the surface. They are too deep to be verbalized. Continue at Inner Self.com

chinese astrology 2013, chinese horoscope 2013

The followers of Chinese astrology are increasing day-by-day. It can be said that Chinese predictions are very authentic and precise due to its tremendous faith among people. Chinese astrology is not confined to any one place such as China but its wings are now spreading all over the world. People around the globe rely on Chinese astrology to know the exact prediction of their future life. For the ease of our visitors we have come up with different Chinese prediction tools and Chinese astrology 2013. These things act like a trustworthy guide that will take you to the future and will enlighten you in all possible ways.


Most Chinese Zodiac Calendar discussions focus only on the 12 animals. According to legend, these were the animals that appeared before Buddha (or the Jade Emperor, depending on the story) in response to an invitation. The 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac represent the order of each animal’s arrival. The legends depicting each animal’s journey differ slightly, but the order that prevails is as follows: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

These 12 animals represent the rotating 12-year cycle that is the basis of the Chinese Zodiac. You’ve likely heard reference to a particular year being the “Year of the Rabbit” or “Year of the Pig.”

But here’s what people don’t learn from most Chinese Zodiac Calendar discussions. In addition to the 12 animals, the Chinese Zodiac involves 5 elements: metal, wood, water, fire and Earth. These elements are associated with the 5 major planets Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn, respectively. The combinations presented by these 5 elements and the 12 animals actually combine to create a 60-year cycle. This cycle, along with Yin and Yang, directions, the positions of the sun and moon, and a person’s date and time of birth are all used to help foresee a person’s future.

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Something else that people don’t understand from most Chinese Zodiac overviews is that it is based on the Chinese New Year which does not begin on January 1. The date varies but typically is towards the end of January. Therefore, when determining the correct animal, most people born during the month of January should be included as part of the previous year. Also, the 12 phases that make up the Chinese year are lunar months, coinciding with the appearance of each New Moon.

a beaut blu moon

While the major players in the Chinese Zodiac are the 12 animals, it is the various combinations of animals, yin and yang, birth date and time, and the elements that help establish a person’s inner and outer self. This combination is also what helps determine a person’s personality traits, compatibility, and his good (or bad) fortune. To fully understand the Chinese Zodiac, it’s important to understand the relationship between all the elements, something most people don’t get from the typical Chinese Zodiac Calendar explanation.

2013 Year of the Water Snake
February 10, 2013 through January 30, 2014
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a snake

The Snake feels and senses its way through life and represents spiritual rebirth, elusiveness and exploration of life’s mysteries.

In the Chinese astrological system, the large 60 year cycles (which contain the smaller 12 year cycles) are profoundly important. Although each animal sign repeats every 12 years, the specific combination of animal and element occur only once every 60 years. Not since 1953 have we had the alignment of Water (stem) & Snake (branch) year. 

The ending or culminating months of deep and covert Water Snake years is the winter, the period of dormancy and quiet gestation. The Water Snake rules ponds and stagnant pools, peat and bamboo. Water of the marshes Water of winter nights, calm and deep water to be feared and respected. 

a pretty Snake

Still water sheltering underwater secrets asleep in its depths; sinking and muddy. Profit from this year to restore your energies and regain your inner balance. Avoid overwork or any excesses which will follow with depression. Maintain your equilibrium and do not waste your energy. Don’t go too far too quickly. This years Water element will be socially beneficial, calming and conducive to meditation and interpersonal contact.

The nature of the deeply feeling Snake year is “gradual and gathered strength,” bringing a more moderate than radical year. During Snake years, our concerns turn toward inner-growth, spirituality and discovering the reasons behind things.

Sensual Snakes are sensitive to changes in weather, dislike the cold, and accordingly during Snake years warmer climates are preferred. A creative, artistic year, filled with pleasure, enlightenment and beauty. Music, dance, art galleries and museums thrive. 2013 brings a slower paced, quiet, behind-the-scenes lifestyle.

A deep-thinking, philosophical year, where intuition and all things middle-of-the-road reign supreme. Beware the green eyes of jealousy in 2013, as Snakes are also quite possessive of that which they call their own. Carnal passions and deliciously scandalous romances abound.

Some of the most physically beautiful women and powerful men were born under this sign. Sexuality is a Snake specialty.

60 years ago in entertainment, during the last Water Snake year:
Hugh Hefner released the first issue of Playboy Magazine featuring a nude Marilyn Monroe gracing the cover and centerfold.

The Corvette sports car first goes on sale in New York. 

The Coppertone Girl was introduced to the American public. 

New York adopts three color traffic lights

The first color television sets go on sale for about $1,175

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General sign forecasts for 2013

The Talkative Rat/Mouse
A secretive, perhaps even cloistered year could be in store for captivating Rats. As masters of the hidden world of imagination, this will be a good year for those of this sign to settle in and write that novel. Delve into your books as reading is exercise for the Rats keen mind. A good year to take examinations and to obtain licenses. Make use of your attention to detail and downplay any aggressiveness or materialism. Intelligent Rats could encounter some financial ‘snarls’ in Snake years, so best to hold off on starting any new businesses this year. Romantic encounters are pleasurable, but not a strong urge for marriage. Keep your assets under wraps to discourage envy or theft.

Relationships: The Snake favors connecting with people on a mental level. This may not sound romantic, but you can rest assured that one thing will lead to another! You tend to know a lot of people of the opposite sex. However, how many of them do you let into your inner sanctum, oh Rat? If you want the help of the Snake this year, then you may want to let a select few people in. You may feel rather uncomfortable at first in allowing yourself to be so exposed, but this very act of showing trust could open you up to a whole new level of intimacy in the Year of the Snake.

Health: No need for major concern, but be aware that health issues could arise this year. First off, be kind to your kidneys. Two, get your spine checked out and look into exercises that will improve the strength of your back. As a Rat, your biggest risk this year is stressing yourself out. Mental stimulation will be at a high. This is great as long as you don’t let it overwhelm you. All in all, you shouldn’t have much to worry about this year as long as you take the standard precautions. Be well!

Wealth: The Snake year is not as auspicious as last year’s Dragon year for you, but there will still be some great opportunities for you in 2013. You may find your thoughts swirling and your ambitions soaring. Be sure to pick your moments, and cash in on the intelligent investments you made during the Dragon year. If you’re looking for new territory to explore, tech investments are a decent way to go in the Year of the Snake.

The Enduring Ox
Although they remain hardworking, this Snake year brings serious Oxen a respite and some time to catch-up. The Ox and Snake are the best of friends, and the slower pace of this next year suits the traditional Ox well. The only bump in the road may be some family problems of authority, triggering that slow-brewing Ox temper. Avoid excessive authoritarianism and practice tolerance with those who may not share your opinions and values. While 2013 looks like a four star year for Oxen, avoid becoming involved in any sticky legal matters which could bruise you financially. Oxen share their gift of responsibility and stability this year and may find themselves counseling senseless friends drowning in love scandals.

Relationships: Don’t allow anything in the amour department discourage you this year, Ox. Find a new love or turn the one you have into heavenly bliss. Instead of shouldering the load of emotional weight, use the charms of the Snake to help you unload those pent up emotions you’ve been carrying around all these years. It will feel incredibly refreshing and revitalizing to give up and share those emotions with someone special and worthy of your love and friendship.

Health: If you let yourself indulge in the excesses of last year’s Dragon, this Year’s Water Snake will help you reign it all back in. Use your heightened Chi levels, and focus on weight management. Keep your mind stimulated and your body in shape so that you can take full advantage of what this year has to offer. A Water year is associated with your kidneys, so it might be good to go in and get yours checked out. Speaking of Water, drink plenty of it in 2013

Wealth: As one of the most ambitious signs of the Chinese zodiac, Snake is associated with making money. For you, that means this year is all about material gain and career success. Snake is not a nose-to-the-grindstone like Ox is. It relies more on charm and wisdom to win big. You may or may not be charismatic, but it will be worth your while to bring out every bit of it you have this year. As for your job and your finances, be as focused and knowledgeable as you possibly can.

The Sublime Tiger
Active Tigers could find this Snake year slow and tedious at times. Mister Tiger could even decide to stalk off to make a memoir or biography. Use extreme caution to prevent a love affair from turning into an embarrassment or scandal. The Snake won’t give the applause seeking Tiger either the attention or the respect they desire. Use this year to recharge and look inward rather than outward. Tigers involved in the entertainment industry thrive in Snake years, and lady Tigers in particular are favored. Tenacious Tigers must also beware of haste, which could send them back to square one in a Snake year. From September through the end of 2013, luck, life and love prove much more favorable, and From October 2013 through Jan 2014 Fate looks absolutely fabulous!

Relationships: There may be times you’ll want to put your Tiger claws to good use this year. Kill those urges! This is not the time to let yourself be drawn into fights. If you don’t expect a lot out of this year, you won’t be disappointed. If you get lucky and see an opportunity to improve your love life, go for it. In general, however, just build on what you have and keep in mind that 2014 is going to be a whole lot better for you. Patience is a virtue, especially now. Remember Tiger, you are a cat. Let the playfulness of your inner kitten come out. Turn over and expose your cuddly underbelly to the one you have deep feelings for. What’s the worst that could happen? You walk a way with a few love bites!

Health: In the Year of the Snake, you may be prone to issues affecting nervous system — like stress from too many hours at the office. Another concern could be putting in too much time at the gym. While you typically want to go until you can’t go anymore, this year you must stop and think about the consequences. The Snake favors deep thought. Bond with that influence and apply it to your health. Cerebral activities will likely be more beneficial than physical ones. Meditation time!

Wealth: If there were ever a year to protect your wealth, Tiger, the Snake is it. As with your health and your career, now is not the time to take any big risks, so be sure to go conservative. Long-term investments are definitely the wiser choice. Don’t expect a financial windfall from previous investments either. It’s likely you’ll find yourself in a holding pattern in 2013, but hang in there for 2014’s rewards!

The Detached Rabbit/Cat
An exceptional year for peace-loving Rabbits. Traveling for business could figure prominently as could a career change which improves finances. Calm philosophizing, good friends, and boundless creativity characterize this Snake year for the Rabbit. Your nature, which hates extremes, will appreciate the lack of domestic problems this next year and you should be able to talk out any problems. Many Rabbit/cats choose to remain single for life, and this year you may be even less interested, than usual, in settling down with one partner. New seductions and fleshly attractions could be on your agenda. A lucky and auspicious year for investing and speculation especially from August 2013 through January 2014.

Relationships: The odds are in your favor to improve existing relationships and create new ones, so don’t be shy. The Snake shares your desire to go first-class. Now is the time to walk down the red carpet and put on the Ritz. To make the most of the Snake’s energy this year, use private moments to lure your lover into relaxing and letting their hair down. After the fabulous dinner out on the town, bring your partner back to your exclusive love nest and give them all you’ve got.

Health: A Snake year influences your stomach and skin. Try to maintain a healthy diet, especially in the winter time when you’re prone to influenza and colds. During summer, protect your skin from the sun and dryness. It’s also important for you to keep yourself mentally fit while guarding against mental fatigue. There are many opportunities for you to grab this year — but be sure to grab some rest too! To balance out any mental anxiety, try yoga or tai-chi

Wealth: Luck is on your side this year, Rabbit! While business may not always be your preferred method of making money, some opportunities in the investment space may pay dividends for you. Take a sabbatical at the beginning of the year and think about how you can put your creative talents to work, and turn a buck or two. Days that have a Metal-Water mix will be especially auspicious for you this year

The Outspoken Dragon
Snake years are satisfying and mellow ones for vital Dragons. While your world remains as unpredictable as ever, life’s pace slows down in 2013 and you may discover your ‘visionary’ side. The Snake year brings out the Dragons best role – that of foreseer and idealist. Be sure to listen to all sides of an issue before passing judgment, and remember that there is no need to say everything which comes to mind. The slower pace of this next Snake year could bring a dash of boredom or inactivity as well. Lady Dragons could feel love distant during the spring of 2013 and feel as if a partner is inaccessible. A year of passion and romantic atmosphere which Dragons find quite pleasing. Lucky Dragons continue to win successes and land on their feet.

Relationships: Don’t hold back this year, Dragon. The Snake likes to turn heads, and never let it be said that the Dragon isn’t up to being the star of the show. You should have no problem attracting a crowd of potential mates in 2013. The problem will come in weeding out the few that you want to pay special attention to. It’s definitely all about quality this year, not quantity. You’re incapable of being too picky this year. Choose wisely!

Health: You probably had a wild ride last year, and that trend continues. Put aside some time to relax in Year of the Snake. Don’t stress yourself out, and make sure you get enough sleep. Don’t let your mind race all night, no matter how excited you are. You could also have issues related to your blood, like high blood pressure or being low in iron. Get your checkups. You’ve been going full steam ahead for some time. Make sure you didn’t break anything along the way so you may enter 2013 fully in tact!

Wealth: Expect good things from a financial perspective this year, Dragon. If you made investments in any precious metals. now is a good time to reap the rewards. Your creative juices will flow freely in Year of the Snake, so investing in a home remodel or anything that engages your keen eye will serve you well in 2013.

The Philosophical Snake
2013 will be your own year, and a memorable one! High, highs and low, lows tend to occur during one’s own sign transit. Sensual Snakes charm love interests like never before, and may experience many love-stories this next year. Feb through April could be stormy for the Snakes health, and caution is also advised in all matters during one’s own natal year. Your combination of physical beauty and wisdom is intoxicating to others this year, but it will be important to avoid extremes. The lunar climate could also bring out some Snake jealousy, possessiveness or distrust toward a spouse or mate. Love is a question of trust, but “love at first sight” is not advised this year. Lady Snakes, could risk being seduced by beautiful words or a smooth tongue.

Relationships: The influence of your namesake year can actually be more of a hindrance than a help, but this can be overcome in the name of love. You can be a bit too mysterious. Draw potential lovers in before making them guess about you. Utilize the Snake’s ability to charm and hypnotize people into wanting to discover more about you. Once you have then nibbling on the bait, you can begin to draw them in ever closer to you.

Health: Mental stimulation will surely not be an issue for you this year — just make sure you balance it out. Stay physically engaged. High impact, short workouts will be the most beneficial. If you find yourself physically limited, a 20-minute walk is enough to get your juices flowing. In your namesake year, it’s a good idea to provide yourself with an oasis of solitude. This gives your body a chance to relax and relieve your stress levels.

Wealth: This year could be a bit of a rollercoaster ride financially for you. Do your best not to overthink your decisions. Inactivity could be your biggest problem, so look for opportunities that are out of state or even international. Or, if you prefer, just kick back this year and put your money into a conserative investment vehicle. And if none of that seems right, indulge a little bit and buy something nice for yourself.

The Expressive Horse
A crazy yet exciting year for love. Many infatuations are possible for active Horses. Decision making and the opening of new doors await freedom-loving Horses in 2013. The Horse “Wu” means Noon, representing the heat and optimism of midday. This brings Horses into harmony with the warmth-seeking Snake. An improvement in your professional situation could make you smile, and those who work with the public or a large corporation could see promotion or increase in pay. Horses must be cautious of their health during the first half of 2013. Meditation, spiritual reflection and an emotionally healthy environment are a must for your optimum health this year. Participate in a favorite sport and seek enjoyable ways to relieve stress.

Relationships: You’re a sign that likes to run free and looks for wide open spaces. The Snake prefers more intimate places. Although you might have seemingly opposite traits, there are definitely some things you could learn from the Snake this year. Your urge to run and find greener pastures could be keeping you from experiencing the wonders of intimacy and a truly committed relationship. Take note: Love might truly set you free this year, oh lovely Horse!

Health: There could be a price to pay if you overwork yourself this year. Be careful if you find yourself getting stressed out. A small headache could lead to a larger issue if you don’t deal with it. The best thing you can do is schedule in enough sleep and rest. You should also be on guard for things that could affect your circulatory system and lower legs. Being that this is a Water year, incorporate some into your life: A walk on the beach, a new fish tank, daily swims. Whatever floats your boat — pun intended!

Wealth: A Snake year is definitely not the time for you to take chances with your money. What may seem like a calculated risk could be far more dangerous than you realize. Be very wary of anyone pitching you outlandish ideas. Things aren’t always what they seem. Your best path is a conservative one. Put some money aside and rest assured knowing that greener pastures lie ahead.

The Artistic Goat
The sensitive Snake brings a much better year for artistic and creative Goats. Travel for business is indicated, as are new challenges. Financially, like the phoenix, Goats rise back to their former status, but expenses could continue to drain cash flow. This Snake year brings much business traveling which produces important profits. Guard valuables and luggage while traveling to prevent loss. New and influential people figure strongly this next year and social contacts could brew up romantic chemistry. It takes some impressive credentials to land the love of the Goat, but a convincing Horse, a well-mannered Rabbit/Cat or a sincere Pig could make this an exciting year.

Relationships: There is great potential for this to be an amazing year for you, so shift things into high gear! Be as open as your comfort level will allow. Don’t hold back. Be aggressive when it comes to putting yourself in the right situation, then just go with the flow and let things happen. You already have a mysterious way about you that people love. In the Year of the Snake, being a little standoffish and secretive could pique the interest of a fabulous lover. But, dear Sheep, remember you can’t do any of this sitting at home! Take action!

Health: Maintaining a healthy diet is extra important for you in Year of the Snake. Eliminate sugar from your diet and add more vegetables and grains. A positive attitude will contribute to better health for you this year. Higher than normal chi levels will help you feel strong enough to take on the world — or at least spend more time exploring it. Nature will be a great contributor to your well-being. Incorporate outdoor activity into your daily routine.

Wealth: The fruits of your labor are ready to be plucked! Luck is on your side this year, though you may need to look past the usual suspects to take advantage of it. Be prepared to travel if necessary. The rewards will be worth it. Spending money will also bring you satisfaction. A car, a house, a ring? Now is the time to buy something big, really big. Just make sure you use your head, and then 2013 is yours to enjoy.

The Irrepressible Monkey
The Monkey and the Snake are soul mates. This brings a great year for mischievous Monkeys who are blessed to see life as a comedy rather than a tragedy. Your sunny personality drives away pessimism and any Snake year melancholy. A good year to read and to study the great philosophers. Your clever mind is stimulated by the wise Snake and you may find yourself thinking more often upon the spiritual and mufti-sensory world. Monkeys quick-wit and sense of humor secures success in 2013 and your influential manner with others gets noticed. Run, don’t walk from any hint of infidelity, as you could be tempted. Daily physical exercise is a must for physical health during this sedentary and languishing year. Many benefactors appear to help the Monkey this year. In business, large contracts could be seen.

Relationships: Usually your love life is so-so in a Snake year, not good, not bad. Not really a good time for finding love or breaking up, just stay the course. If you see an opportunity to shift romance into a higher gear, go for it. You’d be wise to run as fast as you can whenever you see an argument arising. Instead, let the other person in on your own inside joke. Once you let them into your inner circle, fun times will come easily.

Health: You have quite a few high points ahead of you this year. Balance is the key to your good health, starting with your diet. Be sure to stay away from the fatty oils and eat more fresh fruits and veggies. Give your immune system a boost with the right vitamins and supplements. A little Omega 3 might be just what the doctor ordered. You should also try to get in some physical activities, whether it’s a nice walk in the park or a good workout in the gym.

Wealth: Don’t monkey around with your money this year! It’s way too risky for you to take chances. You may find yourself pulled towards one investment opportunity or another, but your best bet is to just pass and wait for another day. Be especially cautious when it comes to business ventures and partnerships. Now more than ever you need to do your due diligence and be very careful about who you’re working with.

The Industrious Rooster
The Roosters’ stylish appearance enters center stage this coming year. Modeling, photography, and an odd “reverse aging process” could await enchanting Roosters. Marital or family difficulties could also be a possibility during this Snake year. Avoid personal disagreements and be tactful verbally to avoid confrontations which are only counterproductive. This year working with a peaceful mind is the key to happiness. Let events unfold as they were meant to develop and let your wise friend, the Snake, pamper you. A trip, journey, or move could be the key to solving job related concerns as could a change in family structure.

Relationships: You probably think of love as a shackle, that if you settle for a partner you’ll be missing out on something better. Love can set you free just as much as it can hold you down. It’s up to you to decide. Find a new love or turn the one you have into heavenly bliss. Also, it does not hurt to strut your stuff a little. You have no problem drawing a little attention to yourself. Put on a show for a potential lover and they’re sure to be very appreciative of your efforts!

Health: For the most part, you are looking at a strong, solid year — as long as you take care of yourself. Strange as it may sound, try to avoid bad air-quality areas. Don’t think that just because you feel good you can get lazy about maintaining a healthy diet. Last year was likely a bit on the excessive side. Prudent thinking is mandatory in 2013. Think twice when choosing between a salad and a steak!

Wealth: What do you want to do financially this year? Maybe it’s time to modernize your life a bit. Perhaps a new tablet computer with an e-trade app will help keep you up-to-date on the stock market. If you have a little extra cash to spare, think about diversifying internationally. For instance, a beachside condo overseas could serve many purposes!

The Watchful Dog
Most Dogs will be more than glad to boot this past Dragon year out the door! 2013 finds Dog natives recuperating and bouncing back. An auspicious year as philosophizing suits the deeply spiritual Dog well. This Snake year promises to provide a mental oasis for your anxious heart. Loyalty as well as skepticism still figure prominently, yet worry and pessimism is replaced by earthy sexuality and elegant pleasures. Continue to find your own happiness through improving the fate of others. A passive/aggressive year when Dog natives alternate between the activity of a cause, and boredom or inactivity. Love throws its bolts, and love at first sight could happen when you least expect it.

Relationships: Ah, love in the Year of the Snake. Be honest with that special someone. Snake is all about sincerity, but can slip into revenge as well. If there’s ever a time you want to be faithful, it’s now. Profess your love. The Snake demands you show it in a big way. You’re probably the kind of person who believes it’s important to show your love by deeds rather than words. For best results, though, you’re going to have to open up. Don’t be afraid to say ‘I love you’ or ‘You’re special’ — along with offering your beloved an exotic present.

Health: Too much change can be tough on the Dog, but in this Year of the Snake you are equipped to handle it. Embrace it — but be sure to take the proper health precautions. In general, you should be in good shape as long as you don’t overwork and stress yourself out. For those big successes, treat yourself with a spa day. The only thing you might have to be careful of is your extremities like your hands and feet. Make sure to keep them pampered and protected.

Wealth: While Snake is a pretty good year for you all around, you’d be wise to protect your assets. Take a deep look into your soul and separate the things you really need from the things you really want. Insurance is something you should look into as well. Are your assets fully protected? Often times things are not what they seem, so it’s best you read over those papers multiple times. If you do decide to take the plunge, keep it simple.

The Resigned Pig
Career success is indicated in 2013, and the shrewd marketing of a product or project could change the course of your financial future. However these gains do not come easily, and require much diligence and possibly travel. Your decent and honest character could be sorely tested by the stealth and covert Snake. A possible turbulent and stormy year for romance. The patient and tolerant Pig could possibly experience deceptions in love. Lack of imagination or routine could be responsible and are the worst enemies of love. If insomnia or agitated sleep are troublesome, remember that making love is a healthy sleep remedy for sensual Pigs. Caution April through July regarding litigation.

Relationships: The Snake can be your fatal attraction, so there’s a good chance you’ll be smitten with love this year. Enjoy it, just don’t get your hopes up too much. If you’re in a relationship, this is not a time to take risks. Two things to do if you’re looking for love or to just improve your love life: Cultivate an aura of mystery and always show up in the most eye-catching attire as possible. Finally, the Snake can be quite sensual, so lots of cuddling, hand holding, kissing and foreplay is encouraged!

Health: This year more than others, be careful not to overindulge. Your wild, fun ride in 2012 is changing into a much more challenging one. Do your best to avoid stress. Family and coworkers may have good intentions but sometimes you just need to walk away for a bit. This year, Water is your key to maintaining good health. Drink enough of it and surround yourself in it’s peaceful ambiance. Be aware of your neck and ear areas as they could be vulnerable this year.

Wealth: Take care of your finances this year. Your trusting heart can easily lead you astray under the influence of the Snake. Fatal attraction applies in matters of finance as well as the heart. It would be wise for you to do a double take when evaluating major financial decisions. Stay away from any major purchases — especially if they involve financing or special loans. Also, don’t lend friends money this year!

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Chinese Snake Symbol


Chinese years revolve in cycles of ten years each. Every set of two consecutive years is governed by a Chinese cosmic element. Thus, there are five elements in all: Metal, Water. Wood, Fire and Earth. Each also has a unique color associated with it. (i.e. white, black, blue/green, red, and yellow respectively)

Finding your Chinese Element 

To find your Chinese element, take into account the last figure of your year of birth. Look at the list below for a brief description of your Chinese birth element.( For example, If you were born in 1971, your element would be Metal.)

0 to 1: Metal = feelings which conduct electricity, likes power (color: white) People born in the years controlled by the Metal element will be as rigid and resolute in expression as their particular signs will permit. They are guided by strong feelings and will pursue their objectives with intensity and little hesitation. Sustained by their ambitions, they are capable of prolonged effort to get what they want. They are very sources-oriented and unwavering in their determination.

2 to 3: Water= silent & constant, influences others’ thoughts (color: black) Persons born in a year dominated by the Water element have a better than average ability to communicate and to advance their ideas by influencing the thoughts of others. Other peoples minds are their vessels and help carry their creative ideas into positive action. They are basically ruled by sympathetic vibrations and convey their feelings and emotions to the best degree that their native animal sign will permit.

4 to 5: Wood = value ethics, cooperative & generous nature (color: green) People born under the auspices of the Wood element value their ethics; they have high morals and a good deal of self-confidence. They know the intrinsic value of things and their interests are wide and varied. Their expansive and cooperative natures will allow them to do things on a grand scale. They possess executive personalities because they can apportion and separate matters into the right categories and work orders. Their progressiveness and generosity enable them to take on large projects, long-term or sizable developments or expensive scientific studies — definitely not one-man ventures.

6 to 7: Fire = attractive & impulsive, strong leadership qualities (color: red) Persons born in a year ruled by the Fire element will display above-average qualities of leadership; they are decisive and sure of themselves. They have the maximum capacity allowed by their particular sign to motivate people and bring ideas into fruition because they will be more aggressive and positive than other natives of their particular sign. Loving adventure and innovation, they will tend to take on bright new ideas readily and try to dominate others with their creativeness and originality. They do not fear risks and like to keep on the move and to explore new horizons.

8 to 9: Earth = deductive powers, prefers solid & reliable pursuits (color: yellow) People born under signs influenced by the Earth element are more concerned with functional and practical aspirations. They have excellent deductive powers and like solid and reliable pursuits on which to expend their energy. With their foresight and capacity for organization, they are effective planners and administrators. They will put whatever resources they find to optimum use and are wise and prudent in financial affairs as well as holding on to their own money. They are intelligent and most objective in directing others toward realizing well-plotted goals.

Therefore, your Chinese year of birth determines your Chinese animal sign as well as your Chinese cosmic element. If you were born between January 21, 1966 and February 8, 1967 — that is, in the course of a Horse year, which was at the same time a Fire year — your Chinese animal sign is Horse, and your Chinese cosmic element is Fire. In other words, you are known as a Fire Horse.

The following is From Sichuan China ‘Website’~ easy reading and plenty of insight into Eastern Astrology

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Chinese Birth Calendar…..It has been so important to the Chinese for a long time. It is a popular prediction tool of the gender of a baby. Find out about the Chinese Birth Calendar.

Chinese Astrological Calendar…..It is the same as the Chinese Calendar but has an astrological interpretation. This Chinese zodiac calendar is very popular in China and throughout the world. Find out about the Chinese Astrological Calendar.

Chinese New Year…..the activities that occur during the Chinese New Year are amazing, more so than in Western countries. Find out about the Chinese New Year Activities.

Gain a little basic knowledge about each Chinese Zodiac sign from the Chinese calendar. It is not hard to do by relating it to the characteristics of the animal. Then you will be able to quickly strike up conversations with Chinese people you meet.

The Chinese zodiac calendar is part of Chinese life and most Chinese people will be able to discuss the Chinese zodiac animals with you.

The following will help you understand the Chinese zodiac animals so you can talk to the Chinese about the Chinese zodiac calendar and the 12 zodiac animals.

Year of the Ox…..the person born in the Year of the Ox is dependable and hardworking! Find out about the person born in the Year of the Ox.

Year of the Ox in 2013….What will 2013 be like for the Year of the Ox person? See what 2013 holds for that person at Year of the Ox 2013.


Year of the Tiger…..the person born in the Year of the Tiger possesses beauty and power but is also dangerous! Find out about the person born in the Year of the Tiger.

虎年年….在虎年出生的人拥有美丽和力量,但也是危险的!左右出生的人在 虎年年

Year of the Tiger in 2013….What will 2013 bring for the Year of the Tiger person? Look at Year of the Tiger 2013 to see what 2013 holds.

在2013年虎年….什么将2013年的虎人带来的吗?看看 虎2013年的年 看看2013年持有。

Year of the Rabbit…..the person born in the Year of the Rabbit is neat and tidy! Find out about the person born in the Year of the Rabbit.

兔年……在兔年出生的人是干净整洁的!左右出生的人在 兔年

Year of the Rabbit in 2013……The Year of the Rabbit person will have a challenging year in 2013. See Year of the Rabbit 2013 to find out what 2013 has in store.

在2013年兔年……在2013年的兔人将有一个充满挑战的一年。看 兔2013年的 找出2013年在商店。

Year of the Dragon…..the person born in the Year of the Dragon is a stand out! Find out about the person born in the Year of the Dragon.


Year of the Dragon in 2013….What will 2013 have in store for the person born in the Year of the Dragon? See what 2013 has for that person at Chinese Year of the Dragon 2013.


Year of the Snake…..You should be wary of the person born in the Year of the Snake! Find out about the person born in the Year of the Snake.


a cuty snake

Year of the Snake in 2013….What does 2013 hold in store for the person born in the Year of the Snake! See what 2013 has for that person at Year of the Snake 2013.


Year of the Horse…..the person born in the Year of the Horse has so much energy! Find out about the person born in the Year of the Horse.

马年……在马年出生的人有这么大的能量!左右出生的人在 马年.

Year of the Horse in 2013….What will 2013 be like for the person born in the Year of the Horse! See what 2013 has for that person at Year of the Horse 2013.

在2013年马年….什么将2013年在马年出生的人一样!看看2013年的那个人 马2013年的

Year of the Sheep…..the person born in the Year of the Sheep is very fashionable but easily lead! Find out about the person born in the Year of the Sheep.

羊年…..在羊年出生的人是很时髦的,但容易导致!左右出生的人在 羊年.

Year of the Sheep in 2013…..Find out what 2013 has in store for the person born in the Year of the Sheep! See how 2013 is shaping up for that person at Year of the Sheep 2013.

在2013年羊年…..了解什么2013年在店在羊年出生的人的!看看2013年的那个人 羊2013年的.

Year of the Monkey…..the person born in the Year of the Monkey is mischievous and a prankster! Find out about the person born in the Year the Monkey.

猴年…..在猴年出生的人是调皮和爱开玩笑的!左右出生的人在 年猴

Year of the Monkey in 2013…… See what 2013 will bring to the Year of the Monkey person. Find out at Year of the Monkey 2013.

在2013年猴年……看看2013年的猴人带来。在 年猴2013年.

Year of the Rooster…..the Rooster person born is so cocky! Find out about the person born in the Year of the Rooster.

鸡年…..鸡年出生的人是骄傲的!左右出生的人在 鸡年

Year of the Rooster in 2013….the Rooster person is confident and a natural leader. See what will happen to that person at Year of the Rooster 2013.

在2013年的鸡年….鸡的人有信心,有 天生的领导者。看看会发生什么,人在 鸡2013年的

Year of the Dog…..the person born in the Year of the Dog is so loyal and forgiving! Find out about the person born in the Year of the Dog.

狗年…..在狗年出生的人是如此的忠诚和宽容!左右出生的人在 狗年.

Year of the Dog in 2013….How will 2013 treat the person born in the Year of the Dog? Find out about that person at Year of the Dog 2013.

在2013年狗年….如何将2013年把在狗年出生的人吗?了解有关该人在 狗2013年的.

Year of the Pig…..the person born in this Chinese Zodiac year is so lucky! Find out about the person born in the Year of the Pig.

猪年…..在今年中国生肖出生的人是太幸运了!左右出生的人在 猪年.

Year of the Pig in 2013…..What will 2013 bring for the person born in Chinese Zodiac Year? Find out about that person at Year of the Pig 2013.

在2013年猪年….什么2013年在猪年出生的人带来的吗?了解有关该人在 猪八戒2013年的.

Year of the Rat…..the person born in the Year of the Rat is very hard working! Find out about the person born in the Year of the Rat.

鼠年……在鼠年出生的人是很辛苦的工作!左右出生的人在 鼠年.

Year of the Rat in 2013….How will the Year of the Rat person go in 2013? Find out what 2013 looks like for that person at Year of the Rat 2013.


a cute snake


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