Deneb Official’s ‘Truth’ story..

(via You men, you want to know the truth? | © Official DENEB)

Translated from Italian…

You want to know the truth?
The truth is that you are angry because you no longer have what you’ve lost, what you have left to go, or rather, what you may not have ever had and the responsibility is yours. Yours.

Are you angry because what is beautiful inside you is trapped, does not come out, it does not expand. The events are a result, they are often the effects of thoughts, actions, words spoken and unspoken, are one big wave that, if for some reason stops, the same tends to lose vitality, to fade. If interferisci of the wave frequency, blocking her breath, as if you change channel, the reception becomes difficult to lose the signal. Awareness embodies the responsibility to interfere with those energy flows, which remain viable when fed in an appropriate, fair, with that feeling able to suggest the needs of others and not just their own.


You are a crystal, transparent, predictable, which moves in perpetual motion, always the same, enclosed in a bubble of control that you believe will protect you. No, you’re wrong. That bubble is transparent, thin, terribly vulnerable: who you are, you see, we hear. Your energy has a color, but has no gradients. The feelings that you are nothing if you keep them for you. Do you like being “touched” by the wonder, but I do not share the emotions.
sleep, and not by.

This becomes abandonment, loneliness, and mind you, is what you have chosen.
excuse Man No, no pity, come on, resentment you feel only pity is, because you’ve lost, you’ve lost a part of you and is trapped within the same you lost your will. Your suffering is dumb, but floods of noise and again six transparent. Nothing makes you change, not even the pain of others is sometimes shouted, sometimes simply whispered or delicately designed as a watercolor. Yet you see it, feel it, but you keep away, protected by your shell made ​​of wounded pride, coldness that burns over an open flame on the skin.

Man I see you, I feel you, your silence and your indifference tell what you are.
What you’ve become. What you choose to be.

Live well your universe away from the world, live from inside the bubble, from passive spectator, live your life as you’ve always done and so nothing will change.

You’ll feel even more trapped when you discover that there are those who makes that energy explode like a cascade of falling stars that, even for a short, light up your sky and touch you. Yes, you touch.

But you will, closed and shielded in your universe, not being able to touch them ….


by DENEB Official ©


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