Self-evident or unquestionable.

What is new age anyway? Was the title of a poem I had found once, that has made a lot of sense over the years. That is to say, I’m not so ‘new age’ anymore. The world seems far from any ‘evolvement’ in my opinion, and with books written in the 1930s, that I’d found after my own Mother had passed away, added to that feeling, there were 2 mainly I’m referring to: Science of Ascension and the Price of Glory, both by Lillian De Waters. More like, sadly, ‘when will a New Age start’, in my honest opinion. Not to forget that, the womens lib’ ‘movement’ has barely been addressed, then the world was ‘conveniently’ distracted with the LGBTs etc.

Add to that, when your life feels ‘targeted’ by unseen forces, and I do not mean good ones.

Biorhythms: On another note, they say that your birthday in biorhythms, is not a great feeling, have to agree there as I have also studied them a bit, and for sure, leading up to then the ‘high’ which does not linger.. in the next week or so, at least I can prepare for the inevitable sloop to lows.. lol


An event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future

When you encounter something by chance that seems like it was meant to be, then it could be kismet, your destiny.

The word kismet comes from the Arabic word ḳismat, meaning “division, portion, lot.” You can think of kismet as your lot in life, or your fate. You’ll often hear the word used in relation to something significant that came about entirely by chance. If you met the love of your life when you spilled coffee on one another as you fell on the icy sidewalk of a street you never walked down before, all you can do is smile and shrug and say, “Kismet.”

The root word of axiomatic, axiom, derives from the Greek axioma, meaning “authority,” or “that which is thought worthy or fit.” We use it to describe statements that have the authority of truth about them, or that seem worthy of the truth, or fit to be described as such. That is, an axiom is a proposition that we don’t generally question because it seems plain enough that it’s true. And axiomatic means evident without proof or argument.

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