Free Styling..

~ Solitary Solace ~

A beautiful picture.. and my ‘quote’ on how I live my life, seems to suit.. 😉

 Ambient tunes…

Whilst I don’t exactly follow the ‘teachings’ of this

Group.. I do like a lot of what is mentioned within…

There is over a 100 video’s here.. I seriously love this style of Music especially in the background of Internet blogging!! 😀

Credit also to the Author of Infomation within Video’s: Ute Posegga~Rudel

or her Facebook ~ quite interesting!!

(no affiliation ~I do not gain $ from any of my links)


Daily Zen Meditation (I love this website…)

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Inspirations at The Daily Om Website


Australian Theosophical Society

Adyar Online

Adyar Bookstore, Australia’s largest and longest established (since 1922) metaphysical and alternative bookstore has become an online store only. While living in Sydney years back it used to be connected to the Sydney University, and I often used to spend some time there.

The word ‘theosophy’ comes from the Greek ‘theosophia’ meaning  ‘divine wisdom’. It has been called by different names e.g. the Ancient or Ageless Wisdom, the Wisdom-Religion, the Wisdom Tradition and the Perennial Philosophy.

It is perceived as having many aspects and as being more than just a  teaching. Some see it as a worldview that gives meaning and purpose to life; others see it as a spiritual philosophy that has been with us since time immemorial; others will say it is a way of life, a spiritual path that leads to peace and understanding and yet others will say it is all this and more.

An essential principle of theosophy is its concept of a holistic worldview which emphasizes the unity and interconnectedness of all life, the basic oneness of all people and all species of life. Its  philosophy points to a divine spark in each of us that is always part of the Source from which it arises.

The way of life implicit in its philosophy includes a high regard for all beings and actions based on an increasing realization of our oneness with all others. It leads to the unfolding of our greatest  human qualities such as intuition, understanding, insight, love, compassion and creativity.



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