About Me..

Started this website 7th February 2012, and will be devoted to what I find of interest in our Galaxy, Music, Entertainment and History… Enjoy!

Find me at other places on the web:

My new (30/12/12) Music  WordPress 

My Astronomy Based WordPress



Not a ‘devoted chef’ blogger, but my Recipe Blog is here 😉


om im


Eclipse 2012
Eclipse 2012


Music Websites:

Many Favorites, these are a ‘mere few’. I also love the music of Jean Michel Jarre’, lots of Ambient also Blues Music, some Jazz various Dubstep, Alt Rock.. 

'Running Man' Nebula
‘Running Man’ Nebula

Some Random Astronomy Links:



2 thoughts on “About Me..

    1. Yes it is.. Music is one way to connect with our moods / emotions.. 🙂

      Which varies quite a bit from person to person, 🙂 More people should ‘get into’ different Genre’s and find new aspects of themselves!

      Thanks for your interest Frank.


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