The Danger of Windows 10

This was an amazing read.. including the Article at Reality News.. here’s an excerpt:

At the launching of Windows 10 Technical preview, many news outlets have been publishing articles stating that the Windows 10 Technical Preview is a “keylogger,” it is “spying” on you, or collecting “private data”. Yes, it was true.

Below is the information that Microsoft collect when you install Windows 10 Technical preview:

  • Information about your device and application.
  • Collect information about voice input features like speech-to-text.
  • Information about the opening of a file, information about the file itself, the application used to open the file, and how long it takes.
  • Information about when you enter a text, they may collect typed characters.

These 4 main sources of data collection are enough to monitor you and your device completely.

The statistics about the so famous technical preview demonstrate that over one million people have registered to download Windows 10 via the Windows Insider Program.

The statistics do not clearly specify the exact number of downloads for Windows 10 Technical preview but what is sure is that the sensitive information of over one million users have been successfully caught up.

One of the latest and more important release from Windows Blog on July 2, 2015 6:01 am, says that the soon coming Windows 10 is preparing to Upgrade One Billion Devices.

Certain sources pretend that the “monitoring system” previously used in Windows 10 Technical Preview will be removed at the Official launch of Windows 10.

Unless the launch of Windows 10 final version and it’s privacy policy is accomplished, no one could really say that the monitoring feature will be removed.

Constellation Aquilae

Windows 10 introduces something new and highly unpleasant for its millions of consumers: the complete loss of control.

This revelation comes as Microsoft drip feeds nuggets of information ahead of Windows 10’s July 29th release and it is sure to spark anger and frustration as awareness grows. In a nutshell all upgraders to Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro (whether free or paid) will be forced to install every feature, patch and fix Microsoft throws at them or have their security updates cut off. This is just one of the ‘issues’ as the following video points out.

Yes, it may be an unusual ‘listen’, but well worth it!

I don’t know about you…. but it has a haunting similarity to the Terminator Series! :/ That link just describes all the movies in ‘one’, if you’re not up to speed on them.

At the launching of Windows 10 Technical preview…

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