Gerard Way’s Phoenix

He’s back, yes his Phoenix has risen from the ashes. Now I know I’ve left it a little while to let the information ‘out there grow’ a little so to speak. VyRT Live was absolutely amazing, along with the chat, and with Gerard stepping us through the album song by song and what about the guitar playing omg… loved that he is awesome on the Guitar after all, so no surprise to me. Perhaps it was a surprise to some of his doom sayers though…  (and his return has only just begun).. lol. Let’s hope some of them back off now!

Bear in mind that I will keep this Article on Gerard Way Updated from time to time…

Totally trippy Millions Video that I also screen snapped a few pix of above and following the video, just for fun…. 😉

Love this new album, especially since I am and was old enough to have ‘been on the dancefloors’ in the 80’s lol….

Absolutely love the album it’s layout, cover design, even the order of the songs themselves…

Great that he’s playing the percussion and guitar on most of them too..!

Hesitant Alien - Gerard Way's 2014 Album

Now Buy Hesitant Alien on iTunes….  😉

He doesn’t have it ‘all mapped out’… nice approach 🙂

Gerard Way

Following Review on Hesitant Alien from Billboard

Those looking for a “Helena,” or a return to the opera-rock of My Chemical Romance‘s 2006 winner The Black Parade, on former MCR lead singer Gerard Way‘s solo debut, Hesitant Alien, should keep the receipt. On the LP, which comes in the wake of My Chemical Romance’s 2013 breakup, Way ages out of arena teen-rock and graduates to the glossy muscle of Britpop. It’s the Pulp album the world didn’t know it needed.

Gerard Way Forgets My Chemical Romance, Goes Full ’80s in New ‘No Shows’ Video

As with every Way project, it’s slick and expensive sounding, with smart styling that leads fans into new territory while maintaining the best parts of his dramatic songwriting. Way’s ear for melody means plenty of huge hooks, from the post-hardcore bent of “Juarez” to “Get the Gang Together,” which borrows directly from Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker‘s cache of cool. The music is more subdued than My Chemical Romance’s, but Way’s still not as understated as the influencers he’s channeling. His storied themes of love and pain pop up throughout Hesitant Alien like embarrassing Facebook statuses. It’s a largely smooth transition out of the dark and into the bright world of pop — even if the sneered request to “give me teenage razors” on “Zero Zero” is enough to remind you that you can take the man out of My Chemical Romance, but you can’t take the My Chemical Romance out of the man.

Gerard Way

This article originally appeared in the Oct.4 issue of Billboard.

Triple J (Audio) Interview: on 27th Feb. 2015, During his recent tour with Soundwave

Before Gerard made music, he made comics. His life as an illustrator has always run side by side with his bombastic life with My Chem, and the fire that drove both lives very much in the soundtrack to his life.

Today he shared his memories as an outsider loving Brit-Pop in a country that could care less, how he identified so heavily with Riot Grrrl and just what makes him want to create the music he makes. What kind of art would he make if we only had five years left on this earth? We got into that too.

If you missed it, you missed a great convo on art, music, being a teenager and life. It was such a pleasure to go deep with Gerard, and some good news – it’s streaming in full, above.

Here’s The Interview and what he played & Original Triple J Story Link

The songs he says helped make him who he is today:

1. Supergrass – ‘Caught By The Fuzz’
2. David Bowie – ‘Five Years’
3. Iggy & the Stooges – ‘Search and Destroy’
4. Sleater-Kinney – ‘I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone’
5. Pulp – ‘This Is Hardcore’


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