Blues museum planned for St. Louis riverfront

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 I don’t even watch any type of  ‘Music Award’ presentation anymore… for me the ‘demise’ of  ‘True Blues’ not being awarded; was the cause of this disinterest.  Over the years it has been overtaken with all types of  ‘R and B’ awards, also the supposed ‘Soul’ genre.. They are both such obscure arena’s now.

I wonder what has taken over record companies and these ‘labels’  Even more ridiculous was at first being intrigued by exfm, via google chrome (an add on) and being amazed at the amount of literal Garbage, outlined as ‘soul’ or ‘R and B’…

Honest opinion here is ‘you should never try and ‘fix’ something that was not ‘broken’ ~ in the first place.

 Albeit, these museum’s do sound like a wonderful place to visit.  This is the first ‘National’ one.  As an Australian, who is not up to date with it all…  Glad to have found the news via Yahoo.. 🙂  ~ Sasha

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 Blues museum planned for St. Louis riverfront – Yahoo! News.

ST. LOUIS (Reuters) – A few blocks from the Mississippi River levee where a homeless W.C. Handy composed “St. Louis Blues” more than 100 years ago, the first national blues museum in the United States is taking shape.

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While several regional blues museums have popped up around the country — Memphis, TennesseeClarksdale, Mississippi; and Helena, Arkansas — the St. Louis institution will be the first to tell the national story of the unique American musical form.

Organizers say it’s time that St. Louis — a city with a long musical tradition but without the high profile of Chicago, New Orleans or Memphis — stepped up its visibility in the music world.

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The National Blues Museum, which Museum chairman Rob Endicott said he hoped would open next year depending on the final design, would be a part of an ongoing public and private effort to revitalize the St. Louis riverfront.

“It’s going to be kind of space-agey. The idea is to make it a technology-driven, interactive experience. We will have the memorabilia, too, but it won’t be a museum of just artifacts,” he said.

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