Blade Runner

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Via: scienceetfiction:

In Blade Runner (1982, inspired from a 1966 novel), Deckard is a Blade Runner hunting replicants in a dark world ravaged by pollution.

In Logan’s Run (1976, inspired from a 1967 novel), Logan 5 is a Sandman hunting Runners (people over 30 fleeing a ritual called the Carrousel ) in an apparently bright and carefree world.

There are projects of sequel or remake for these films.  My (bad) suggestion for Hollywood: to mix these two universes in one reboot: Blade Runner vs Sandman.

Deckard believes Logan 5 is a replicant and hunts him.  Logan 5 hunts Deckard because he is too old.  Who will win? Will they kill each other? How this movie could end?


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