John Carpenter ~ The Captain

Love this, so posted it here to watch more often; John Carpenter ~ ‘The Captain’

“He is writing future classics for the world.” – GIMME BAD VIBES
“The most important Artist to come out of Los Angeles in a decade, pay attention..” -Scottie Diablow/MTV
“He has mentioned Roy Orbison, Echo & the Bunnymen, John Cale, Julian Cope, Hendrix and the Velvet Underground as his numerous influences, and listening to his first full length album ‘Fairy Tales Forgotten’ released in 2010, on their bandcamp site, makes you understand only some of what he is talking about, because if Orbison was an influence, the lightness and the bright harmonies have been quite replaced by darkness and heavy pain”.
John Carpenter
John Carpenter

Fairy Tales Forgotten:

Now following is a completely Huge and Wild Playlist; 50+ video’s…. Put together by J Explosive (Joe Albanese ~ Drummer extraordinaire!)
Joe Albanese
J Explosive ~ Joe Albanese ~ Drummer
Follow the Link for an awesome interview…..
Joe Albanese and John Carpenter 2010
Joe Albanese and John Carpenter 2010

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