John Carpenter

“He has mentioned Roy Orbison, Echo & the Bunnymen, John Cale, Julian Cope, Hendrix and the Velvet Underground as his numerous influences, and listening to his first full length album ‘Fairy Tales Forgotten’ released in 2010, on their bandcamp site, makes you understand only some of what he is talking about, because if Orbison was an influence, the lightness and the bright harmonies have been quite replaced by darkness and heavy pain”.

john carpenter ~ lostindustry ~ (his Tumblr Link)

John Carpenter – Live Dublab “sprout session” (07.14.10)

Every now and then at dublab our audio files grow a mind of their own. With over 12 years’ worth of amazing audio archives, it gets a little tough to keep all the musical magic straight. Unfortunately, this amazing Sprout Session from our pal John Carpenter got lost in the shuffle, and only recently reappeared in our memory banks – almost a year to the day of the actual session!

But don’t let our shady files get you down – this session is sure to lift your spirits! John and his incredible band never let up during these 45 minutes – blood, sweat and tears were literally splashing all around. If you dig this awesome Sprout Session, be sure to give it the past-due credit it deserves and share with a friend!

Link to the >> Live Dublab


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