Astro Metrix Commands

Once in your server, ASTRO-MΞTRĮӾs ‘help menu’ is paginated for less spam in your in-box. You can also run “+help Admin”, for example, with the capital letter for all commands in that category. This list does not include all sub-commands, that you can find with the help and subcommand: eg: “+help addrole” and so on. When in doubt, just run a command with help in front for more info. Feel free to join the Bots Server for help, and ask for a role on joining to be added to the support channels with a role. ASTRO-MΞTRĮӾ is a RedTwentySix Bot, the commands listed below may change from time to time, depending on any new additions by the cog makers, via RedTwentySix/ApprovedCogMakers.


addimage Add an image for the bot to directly upload

addrole Add a role to a user.
announceset Change how announcements are sent in this guild. (receive bot update notices in a channel)
editrole Edit role settings.
removerole Remove a role from a user.
selfrole Apply selfroles.
selfroleset Manage selfroles.

adventure This will send you on an adventure!
adventureset Setup various adventure settings
backpack This shows the contents of your backpack.
bless [Cleric Class Only]
convert Convert normal, rare or epic chests.
equip This equips an item from your backpack.
focus [Wizard Class Only]
forge [Tinkerer Class Only]
give [Admin] Commands to add things to players’ inventories.
heroclass This allows you to select a class if you are Level 10…
loadout Setup various adventure settings
loot This opens one of your precious treasure chests.
music [Bard Class Only]
negaverse This will send you to fight a nega-member!
pet [Ranger Class Only]
rage [Berserker Class Only]
skill This allows you to spend skillpoints.
stats This draws up a charsheet of you or an optionally specified…
unequip This stashes a specified equipped item into your backpack…

Audio:  [see also, Playlist]
audioset Music configuration options.
audiostats Audio stats.
autoplay Starts auto play.
bump Bump a track number to the top of the queue.
bumpplay Force play a URL or search for a track.
disconnect Disconnect from the voice channel.
eq Equalizer management.
genre Pick a Spotify playlist from a list of categories to star…
local Local playback commands.
now Now playing.
pause Pause or resume a playing track.
percent Queue percentage.
play Play a URL or search for a track.
playlist Playlist configuration options.
prev Skip to the start of the previously played track.
queue List the songs in the queue.
remove Remove a specific track number from the queue.
repeat Toggle repeat.
search Pick a track with a search.
seek Seek ahead or behind on a track by seconds or a to a specified…
shuffle Toggle shuffle.
sing Make Astro-Metrix sing one of its songs.skip
skip to the next track, or to a given track number.
stop Stop playback and clear the queue.
summon Summon the bot to a voice channel.
volume Set the volume, 1% – 150%.

autorole Change settings for autorole

away Tell the bot you’re away or back.
awaysettings View your current away settings
awaytextonly Toggle forcing the guild’s away messages to be text only…
dnd Set an automatic reply when you’re dnd.
gaming Set an automatic reply when you’re playing a specified game…
idle Set an automatic reply when you’re idle.
listening Set an automatic reply when you’re listening to…
offline Set an automatic reply when you’re offline.
streaming Set an automatic reply when you’re streaming.
toggleaway Toggle away messages on the whole server.

bankset Base command for bank settings.

allin Bets all your currency for a chance to win big!
blackjack Play a game of blackjack.
casino Interacts with the Casino system.
casinoset Changes Casino settings
coin Coin flip game with a 50/50 chance to win.
craps Plays a modified version of craps
cups Guess which cup of three is hiding the coin.
dice Roll a set of dice and win on 2, 7, 11, 12.
double Play a game of Double Or Nothing.
hilo Pick high, low, or 7 in a dice rolling game.
war Play a modified game of war.

cleanup Delete messages.

autoimmune Server settings for immunity from automated actions.
blacklist Blacklist management commands.
command Manage the bot’s commands.
contact Sends a message to Astro’s owner.
dm Sends a DM to a user.
embedset Commands for toggling embeds on or off.
ignore Add channels to the ignore list.
leave Leaves the current server.
localblacklist Blacklist management commands.
localwhitelist Whitelist management commands.
traceback Sends Astro’s last command exception that happened to the bot ower…
uptimeShows ASTRO-MΞTRĮӾ’s uptime.
whitelist Whitelist management commands.

covid Stats about Covid-19 or countries if provided.
covidnews Covid News from a Country – County must be 2-letter I…
covidsetup Instructions on how to setup covid related APIs.

customcom Custom commands management.

deleter Group command for commands dealing with auto-timed deletions…

dtable Dice Table Group

antonym Displays antonyms for a given word.
define Displays definitions of a given word.
synonym Displays synonyms for a given word.

banish Strip a user of their roles, apply the dungeon role, and set up verification (run +help dungeon for more)
dungeon Main dungeon commands.

bank Manage the bank.
economyset Manage Economy settings.
leaderboard Print the leaderboard.
payday Get some free currency.
payouts Show the payouts for the slot machine.
slot Use the slot machine.

trickleset Settings for economy trickle

editmessage Edits a message with the content of another message…

embed Embed commands

emojireact Automatically react to messages with emojis in them …

clearevent Delete a stored event so you can create more
event Create an event
eventset Manage server specific settings for events
join Join an event being hosted
leaveevent Leave an event being hosted
removefromevent Remove a user from an event you’re hosting
showevent Show current event being run by a member

modlog Toggle various extended modlog notifications

filter Add or remove words from server filter.
filterset Manage filter settings.

fortune Get a random fortune message.
pm PMs a person.

oof react react to a message with 00F emojis
react Add letter(s) as reaction to previous message.
regional Replace letters with regional indicator emojis
space Add n spaces between each letter. Ex: +space 2 thicc
textflip Flip given text.
vowelreplace Replaces all vowels in a word with a letter

gameroles Group command for game roles.
gameroleset Config options for gameroles.
Gamesearch: game Search for games

8 Ask 8 ball a question.
choose Choose between multiple options.
flip Flip a coin… or a user.
lmgtfy Create a lmgtfy link.
roll Roll a random number.
rps Play Rock Paper Scissors.
serverinfo Show server information.
stopwatch Start or stop the stopwatch.
urban Search the Urban Dictionary.

hangman Play a game of hangman against the bot!
hangset Adjust hangman settings

heist Play a game of heist
setheist Set different options in the heist config

gif Retrieve the first search result from Giphy.
gifr Retrieve a random GIF from a Giphy search. (best option, as less repetitive)
giphycreds Explains how to set GIPHY API tokens.
imgur Retrieve pictures from Imgur.

movie Search for a movie

inspireme Fetch a random “inspirational message” from the bot.

insult Insult the user

joinmessage Options for sending messages on server join.

levelerset Configuration commands. (pm bot owner for help)
profile Show your leveler progress. Default to yourself.
profileset Change settings of your profile.
register Allow you to start earning experience !
toplevel Show the server leaderboard !

availablepermissions Generates the permissions of a certain obj…
deniedpermissions Generates the permissions of a certain object…
listpermissions Generates the permissions of a certain object a…

Memory Alpha Search:
manifest alias mf: searches for a particular Star Trek Character or Actor.
manifests alias mfs: searches Memory Alpha for a Character name.
trekselect alias, ts: searches a particular episode or ST movie
trekselectscan alias tss: searches for a word or phrase, within Movies or Episodes
trekhelp or trek: provides a help menu.

ban Ban a user from this server and optionally delete days of messages of the user…
hackban Preemptively bans user(s) from the server
kick Kick a user.
modset Manage server administration settings.
mute Mute users.
names Show previous names and nicknames of a user.
rename Change a user’s nickname.
slowmode Changes channel’s slowmode setting.
softban Kick a user and delete 1 day’s worth of their messages.
tempban Temporarily ban a user from this server.
unban Unban a user from this server.
unmute Unmute users.
userinfo Show information about a user.
voiceban Ban a user from speaking and listening in the server’s…
voicekick Kick a member from a voice channel.
voiceunban Unban a user from speaking and listening in the server…

case Show the specified case.
casesfor Display cases for the specified member.
modlogset Manage modlog settings.
reason Specify a reason for a modlog case.News:
news Group Command for News

permissions Command permission management tools.

Playlist configuration options; Playlists from YouTube can be used, or songs singularly up to 100s

eg: +help playlist create
Scope info:
​ ​ ​ ​
​ ​ ​ ​ Guild:
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Visible to all users in this guild.
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Editable by bot owner, guild owner, guild admins, guild mods, DJ role and playlist creator.
​ ​ ​ ​ User:
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Visible to all bot users, if –author is passed.
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Editable by bot owner and creator.
append Add a track URL, playlist link, or quick search to a pla…
copy Copy a playlist from one scope to another.
create Create an empty playlist.
dedupe Remove duplicate tracks from a saved playlist.
delete Delete a saved playlist.
download Download a copy of a playlist.
info Retrieve information from a saved playlist.
list List saved playlists.
queue Save the queue to a playlist.
remove Remove a track from a playlist by url
rename Rename an existing playlist.
save Save a playlist from a url.
start Load a playlist into the queue.
update Updates all tracks in a playlist.
upload Uploads a playlist file as a playlist for the bot.

charactersearch Search for Harry Potter characters
housesort Find your Harry Potter House

quote gets (a) message(s) by ID(s)

rpsls Play Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock 

rss Configuration for rss

race Race related commands.
setrace Race settings commands

raffle Raffle group command
setraffle Set Raffle group command

retrigger Setup automatic triggers based on regular expressions

downvote View this guilds downvote reaction.
karma View your total karma for upvoted messages in this guild.
reactchannelset Manage ReactChannel settings.
upvote View this guilds upvote reaction.

rpoll Commands for setting up reaction polls
rpollset Settings for reaction polls

redditset Commands for setting reddit settings.
reddituser Commands for getting user info
subreddit Commands for getting subreddits

makeoneway Makes a relay which forwards a channel to one or more…
makerelay Makes a multiway relay
relayinfo gets info about relays
rmrelay removes a relay

report Send a report.
reportset Manage Reports.

roleinviteset Roleinvite cog management

bulkrolebind Add role binds to a message
clearmessagebinds Clear all binds from a message.
hackrole Puts a stickyrole on someone not in the server.
massrole Commands for mass role management
rolebind Binds a role to a reaction on a message…
roleset Settings for role requirements
roleunbind unbinds a role from a reaction on a message
srole Self assignable role commands

listsync List all exclusive roles (don’t mix up with the above ‘RoleManagement’ easy to use one or the other)
sync Sync roles
unsync Unsync roles

autoroomset Commands for configuring autorooms
tempchannelset Temporary Channel Settings
tmpc Creates a temporary channel

russian Start or join a game of russian roulette.
setrussian Russian Roulette Settings group.

interact Start receiving and sending messages as the bot…
say Make the bot say what you want in the desired channel.
sayd Same as say command, except it deletes your message.

remindme Schedule a reminder DM from the bot
schedule Schedule something 
scheduleradmin Administrative commands for scheduler
showscheduled shows your scheduled tasks in this, or all channels…
tempmute binding for mute + scheduled unmute
unschedule unschedule something.

screensharemod Stuff for configuring this cogs alerts

seen Shows last time a user was seen in chat.

avatar Display a users avatar in chat
channeledit Modify channel options
channelstats Gets total messages in a specific channel as well …
emoji Post a large size emojis in chat
getreactions Gets a list of all reactions from specified message…
getroles Displays all roles their ID and number of members in o…
guildedit Edit various guild settings
guildemojis Display all server emojis in a menu that can be scr…
listchannels Lists channels and their position and ID for a ser…
nummembers Display number of users on a server
pruneroles Perform various actions on users who haven’t spoken …
removeguildjoin Stop bots join/leave server messages
serverstats Gets total messages on the server and displays each…
topic Sets a specified channels topic
topmembers Lists top members on the server by join date

shibe Get a random shiba inu picture

inventory Displays your purchased items.
setshop Shop Settings group command
shop Shop group command

sendembed Send an embed.

apod Astronomy Picture of the Day.
astronauts Show who is currently in space.
isslocation Show the Current location of the ISS.
spacepic Lookup pictures from space!
spaceset Group commands for Space cog settings.

star Manually star a message
starboard Commands for managing the starboard

statuswarn configuration for statuswarn

getserver Get info about a gameserver
steamcommunity SteamCommunity commands

sticky Sticky a message to this channel.
unsticky Remove the sticky message from this channel.

stickyroles Adds / removes roles to be reapplied on join

streamrole Manage settings for StreamRoles.

hitbox Check if a Hitbox channel is live.
mixer Check if a Mixer channel is live.
picarto Check if a Picarto channel is live.
streamalert Manage automated stream alerts.
twitchstream Check if a Twitch channel is live.
youtubestream Check if a YouTube channel is live.

allstrikes Show all recent individual strikes.
delstrike Remove a single strike by its ID.
delstrikes Remove all strikes from a member.
strike Strike a user.
strikecounts Show the strike count for multiple users.
strikes Show all previous strikes for a user.

tarot Receive a tarot reading

ticket Tickets!

runtimerole Trigger the daily timerole
timerole Adjust timerole settings

trivia Start a trivia session on the specified category.
triviaset Manage Trivia settings.
trivia list: includes: DrWho, startrek and other Trek Quizes, & thanks to the Star Trek Discord, ds9, tas, tng, tos, trekquotes, trekships, trekspecies, trektech, voyager

time Checks the time.

verifyerset Settings for verifyer

masswarn Perform a warn on multiple members at once.
warn Take actions against a user and log it.
warnings Shows all warnings of a member.
warnlist List the latest warnings issued on the server.
warnset Set all WarnSystem settings.

weather Display weather in a given location
weatherset Set user or guild default units

welcomeset Sets welcome module settings

fandom FANDOM Wiki lookup. Finds a wiki page by name and display…
fandomset FANDOM Wiki module settings. eg: +fandomset default memory-alpha

wolfram Ask Wolfram Alpha any question.
wolframimage Ask Wolfram Alpha any question. Returns an image.
wolframsolve Ask Wolfram Alpha any math question.

ASTRO-MΞTRĮӾ is a RedTwentySix Bot

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